Teen Suicide

By: Kassie Hearn and Morgan Brown

Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death among teen’s ages 15-24 years old. It is the fourth leading cause among children 10-14 years old. People do this because they feel hopeless, anxious, abused, and unsuccessful in school, and/or rejected. Other causes may be parental divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, or death of a friend. Signs of this may be preoccupation with death, drop in grades, previous death attempts, change in personality, withdrawal from friends, partake in dangerous activities, and giving away personal items. You know that a person is serious when they have developed a plan of action. This can show that the person has put thought into it and could go through with it.

According to kids health article on teen suicide: the reasons for this may be very complex. The chances for these tragic events drastically increase among adolescence. it is thought that at least 25 attempts are made for every complete suicide. nearly sixt percent of teen suicides take place with a gun. This is why it is definately not a good idea to have firearms accesable at their homes. Overdosing on medication is another very common meathod. It must be known that teens may bring these medication to school and trade them. Death rates differ between boys and girls. girls think about this twice as often as boy. girls tend to overdose or cut. Dispite the fact that girls think of it more, Boys die about four times as often as girls from suicide due to the fact that they tend to use more lethal weapons, such as firearms, hanging, or jumping from heights. this is a very tragic part of life and understanding this is the first step to controlling it.

It is very important to get help for yourself, or for a friend or family memeber. As soon as you think that someone may hurt themselves, or you might hurt yourself, tell somebody that can help. For example a teacher/guidance councilor to contact amedical professional. Also, you can call hotlines (800) suicide or talk in chat rooms, on the internet. If you dont talk to somebody about suicidal thoughts it could be the cost of someone's or your own life.