Aubrie Stockel

Overview of Holocaust

The leader of the Nazis Adolf Hitler hated Jews. He killed 6 million Jews in Germany 1939-1945 during world War ll. He also killed anyone else who was different like mentaly challenged, handicaps and Gypsies. Hitler would put them in gas chambers to burn, there was a total of 11 million people killed.

Definition/Background Information

The gestapo were the secret Nazi police, their job was to find Jews and arrest them. The leader of the Gestapo was Heinrich Himmler; they were also part of the SS. When the Gestapo arrested the Jews, they brought them to the ghettos or camps. They brought the Jews there to be killed.

The Gestapo didn't know what they were doing was bad, they were just listening to the leader. The unusual thing was that people usually see police as crime stoppers not the opposite, because of this millions of Jews died.

Original Research Question

Why did the Gestapo arrest Jews and bring them to the ghettos and camps?

They arrested them because Hitler the leader of the Nazis hated Jews, so they had to follow his orders. They brought them to camps and the ghettos because that's where he would gather them to be executed.


"I spent four days in the Gestapo." "They hit and kicked me ceaselessly to get information out of me... I wasn't yet 15. They weren't humans, those Gestapo"


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