By: Gaige Trahan


They have four seasons in a forest. Winter, spring, autumn, and summer and it depends on the alignment of the sun and earth. By the way you can find forests all over the world.


The forest can have many different climate. Hot, cold, rainy whatever, but it depends on where the forest is. The climate also depends on where the earth is.


The persipitation ranges from 30 to 60 a year. The forest has both warm and cold climates during the seasons. The wind isn't very strong because the trees slow the wind down.


The forest has a huge verity in almost all kingdoms and most of their adaptations are hibernation. The plants don't hibernate because they can't move. The forest has more plant life than animal because of the trees. The forest has plants such as trees, flowers, bushes, vines, and thistles. Also animals like tree frogs, birds, monkeys, bears,and raccoons.


The forest will not have many landforms except for bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. If the trees were not their it would be a plain. Some forests might have mountains in them but most of the time they are hills

Ecological concerns or issues

Most forests are destroyed by us from air pollution and cutting them down to build stores and other buildings. Other forests are destroyed by forest fires. Stop doing stupid stuff around forests or they will all end up like the picture below.


There are a lot of plants in the forest. The reason is that it wouldn't have so many animals in it if there where not so many plants. The plants are most of the forest.


The animals might not be most of the forest but there are animals there. The forest has lots of animals, so many that I can't count. The animals mostly live in the plants there and that is why they have so many.


A spiked plant that pokes anything that tries to eat it.