Top Ten Tips to Make Math Easy

Geometry and Measurement


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Use your reference chart!

Prism vs. Pyramid

Prisms have two bases which determine the type of prism.

Pyramids have one base which determines the type of pyramid.

Perimeter vs. Area

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What is the difference between perimeter and circumference?

Perimeter is the outside edge of most shapes. However, the outside edge of a circle is called circumference.
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Follow the below steps. Then the formulas will be easy!

1. Write down formula

2. Plug in numbers

3. Follow order of operations

4. Remember r² means r x r


Check out this cool interactive website on area and perimeter!

Make sure to go to your local library and read the below books to make geometry vocabulary a snap!

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Catchy Geometry Tunes!

Metric Conversion Rap - by The Metric Crew
Math Rocks! Perimeter & Area
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Shape Song
Volume Song - Length X Width X Height