how does this tie in with perserverance

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein who was a unrecognized genius as a child but even a genius like him has problems. Albert Einstein's major problems were two things , one was that he had learnt talking at a later age then usual. Because of this this parents got irritated and would shun him or scolded at.But even so, he kept doing what would please no matter how mad his parents were. another of Albert Einstein 's big problems was that he could stand against authority. He would not care if you were a teacher or a peer he'd would give only some respect. this is why he got in trouble in school and was discouraged by his peers ,but Einstein would still try to reach his goals and answer that intrigued him. He did not care how many people were against him he'll keep on trying. Because of his persistence he became a great theatrical physicist and became well known for his influence on philioshy of science.

The Smithsonian National Zoo

Animals like giant pandas and spotted ferrets are endangered of becoming extinct. the reason animals are dying like this is because humans are hurting the earth. We are polluting the earth and is making developments like highways and factories. This is taking away the animals habitat and home. So then the Smithsonian National Zoo has been helping the animals by doing habitat restoration, captive breeding ,reproduction, ecology studies ,and biology studies. even though this sounds like it is going smooth there is a couple problems. One problem is that is takes a great deal of money to feed, to do the ecology and geology studies and habitat restoration that's why zoo is holding a donation of 80 million dollars. Another thing is that they can't harbor ever endanger species they need help from the government and from other zoos to help the animals the zoo should take care of the endangered animals. And the government need to set up some protection for the endangered animal. Though it is hard to take care of that many animals the Smithsonian zoo keeps on helping.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart born on July 24 ,1897 in Atchison, Kanas .As a child Amelia's family had trouble. her father had a drinking problem and could not hold down a job because of this the family had to move around a lot . even though the family had problems Amelia still enjoyed her childhood by playing outdoor and having adventures with her sister, Muriel. When Amelia as ten years old she got to ride airplane for ten minutes it was then when she wanted to become a pilot .Her father though disagreed about her being able to fly and tried to persuade her saying that they don't have the money for lesson but Amelia was persistent she got many jobs to get enough money to be able to pay for her on lessons. because of her persistence she was able too reach her goal and beyond ,she became one of the best pilots in the whole world.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison needed to be persistent in his experiments to find a more efficient light bulb. Thomas Edison was not the one who invented the first electric light bulb there were people who already made one they made it out of different materials but had the same main idea. But Thomas Edison wanted to make the most economical and long lasting light bulb possible so on October 21,1897.he was willing to do a experiment using 6,000 filament to see which one was the best to go with his light bulb after he had found this out he had gotten the bulb he wanted even though he had to go through thousands of filaments persistence helped him preserve through and reach his goal.

Catching Kayla

Some people have disabilities, some physical, some mental ,this is about a girl named Kayla who has MS,MS is a multiple scleroses diseases. so then Kayla could not do any sport but she could do running. Kayla wanted to run and she wanted to run fast ,so her coach Patrick Cromwell helped her run to her goal to become fast runner. With a lot of persistence of to keep going even of her legs go numb she will keep on going forward .because she went forward and did not give up to because she had resilience and persistence and went for nationals to become the 21st fastest distance runner after winning of North Carolina state title .
This Day In History 12-31-1879 Thomas Edison Unveil The Incandescent Light Bulb