Why You Should Learn Proper Typing

Karley Hensley

Why Its Important to Type Correctly

In some cases, people have different ways of typing. Some like to move their hands all over the place, some like to use one finger at a time, and some, like me, like to rest their wrists on the table/laptop while typing with all fingers. The proper to type is to have your wrist up, you fingers sort of slanted, and your fingers on the home keys. You are supposed to type this way because it helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. CTP is the entrapment of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. CTS occurs due to the swelling of the median nerve or the tendons of the wrist.
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How Does Proper Typing Improve You?

Proper typing, or typing in general, helps you improve your WPM. Proper typing is also good for school reasons such as, if you have to type up a report you have perfect typing so you have less of a risk to get CTS, especially if you have a lot of reports you have to write.

Hunt-and-Peck is Better Than Proper Typing?

To some people, Hunt-and-Peck may be better to them. But if you proper type, then you tire less and it saves you so much time. Plus, its look good on you. You look professional and look like you have been there before, you have been there and done that and your just ready to hit it. It looks really good on tests too, especially if you have those people that come in during your class to see what your class is like and see what type of technology you use.