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December 2020 - Newsletter

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Principal's Message

We certainly hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

A very special thank you to our parent liaison, Ms. Deana Czaban, for her efforts to provide 46 families with Thanksgiving dinners over the holiday. She coordinated with student clubs, such as DECA, and other Woodgrove families to make all of this happen. We’re most grateful for everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

And with regards to our celebration of American Education Week, which, of course, was very different this year, we were very pleased that our Student Council, PTSO, and so many others reached out to our teachers, custodians, cafeteria staff, teaching assistants, and the rest of our staff to share words of encouragement and appreciation.

Thank you to all who responded to the county’s choice of instruction survey for the second semester. At this time, approximately 55% of our students have chosen to remain in distance learning, and 45% have selected to come to school for in-person instruction. Over the next two weeks, we will be scheduling students who selected in-person for either Tuesday/Wednesday in-person days or Thursday/Friday in-person days. We’ll get that information to those students and families once we have it complete. Again, this schedule begins the first day of the second semester, Thursday, January 21.

I’m pleased to say our Fine Arts Department will have concerts in December. Due to safety precautions, however, these will be recorded and available on our website. Many thanks to our student musicians and their teachers – Mr. Dempsey, Ms. Morgan, and Ms. Oakley for presenting these concerts.

Also, our sincerest gratitude to the WM&AA who partnered with StageCoach Theatre Company to present Moonshine Murders. Many thanks to Ms. Schafer-Benko who directed this play and to the student performers and parents who have helped make this show a possibility. Again, due to the necessary safety precautions, this performance has been recorded and will be shown at the Family Drive-in Theatre in Stephens City, VA on Thursday, December 10, at 6 PM. Additional information for all of these events can be found on our website or in this newsletter.

VHSL winter sports and academic competitions will begin this month. Following recommended public health mitigation strategies, LCPS will not have spectators for athletic competitions for the winter season. However, LCPS has partnered with NFHS Network to live stream high school events. We will be live-streaming our home competitions through this network. Monthly or annual memberships for NFHS Network are available at www.nfhsnetwork.com. The NFHS live-stream link will be on our website as well. You may contact either Mr. Lowery, Athletic Director, or Mr. Mathews, Assistant Athletic Director, with any questions.

The last day of classes before Winter Break will be Tuesday, December 22. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 5.

Lastly, as we enter the holiday season, the staff at Woodgrove takes this time to wish everyone a happy winter vacation, and we look forward to a much safer and calmer year in 2021!

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Wake Up Woodgrove

Daily announcements

  • Wake Up Woodgrove will air Tuesday through Friday mornings, 8:40 - 8:55am.
  • Update your bookmark to this link for submitting morning announcements.
  • Update your bookmark for viewing Wake Up Woodgrove to this link for our MyVRSpot software.

High School Parking Lot WiFi Access

In our efforts to continually improve and meet the challenges of a large school district, we are deploying solar powered WiFi to high school parking lots.

Each of our high schools will be equipped with a solar powered, cellular wireless access point that will provide coverage to a portion of each schools parking lot. This will allow for social distancing and access to digital resources for those in need of internet access. Each area depicted is an estimation of coverage and capacity may be impacted by weather, number of connected users and other factors. Areas selected are also monitored by LCPS Safety and Security patrols, camera's and other techniques to provide a safe environment.

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Parents: Are your students struggling with distance learning?

Just a reminder that we have a number of resources in place to support them, including the following:

  • At the end of every class, there are 22 minutes of asynchronous time when students can “stick around” to ask their teachers questions or get help with assignments.
  • During every study hall block, we have teachers assigned to Learning Labs who can answer questions, help you with assignments, or help you review for tests and quizzes. To access these, click here.
  • Our Writing Center tutors are available to help students with any aspect of the writing process, on any writing assignment, for any class. For more information, click here.
  • Our National Honor Society is coordinating with all of the subject-specific honor societies to offer online peer tutoring. We hope to launch this during the month of November. Check the WHS website for more information.

Yearbook Portrait Submission - Woodgrove High School 2021

Documenting this unique year is more important than ever and Woodgrove’s yearbook staff needs your help to get it done!

Getting your portrait in the yearbook:

Did you miss portrait day this year? We have a solution! Because not all students were able to attend our in-person portrait days with Lifetouch this year we are offering students an opportunity to submit a “selfie” instead.

Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman:

Submit a selfie portrait by following the steps below:

Step 1: Review these selfie guidelines (click the hyperlink)

Step 2: Take your selfie.

Step 3: Submit your selfie using this link:


Option 1: Take the standard tux/drape photo with Lifetouch.

If you missed the senior portrait days at Woodgrove in September and October, this is your last opportunity to take a photo with Lifetouch (i.e. Prestige Portraits).

You must call Lifetouch at 1-800-445-1189 and travel to their location in Annandale or Baltimore, take the portrait, and have it delivered to Ms. Crandall (kelly.crandall@lcps.org) no later than Friday, December 18.

Option 2: Submit a selfie portrait

This is an easy way to submit a portrait for the yearbook from the comfort of your own home! Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Review these selfie guidelines (click the hyperlink to view)

  • Seniors: you will likely not achieve the same tux/drape look as the standard senior yearbook photo - that is okay.

Step 2: Take your selfie.

Step 3: Submit your selfie using this link:

To appear in the yearbook, all portraits must be submitted by Friday, December 18



The yearbook staff is always looking for photos! Submit photos of your student to the yearbook here:


Wolverine Sports Medicine

Volume 11, Issue 5 December, 2020

Sports Injuries

Cold Injuries- Frostbite and Hypothermia

It’s fine if Jack Frost just nips at your nose this winter but be careful that you don’t leave your fingers or toes exposed too long. Too much exposure to strong winds and low temperatures runs you the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. In cold weather blood vessels constrict to insulate the skin. The downside, however, is that circulation to the extremities, specifically the fingers, toes, ears and nose, gets short-changed. These areas are left vulnerable to freezing and need extra protection. Body tissues actually freeze when they are frostbitten. Ice crystals form in the cell, causing physical damage and potentially permanent cell death.

Signs of frostbite include loss of feeling and numbness in the affected area and the skin may appear waxy, white or grayish. Treatment for frostbite includes, get out of the cold and into a warm room and warm the area by immersing it in warm (not hot) water for at least 30 minutes. Do not rub the area or use dry heat like heating pads or sunlamps because the skin is numb and may be burned by dry heat.

Often, people with frostbite also suffer from hypothermia, which requires emergency medical assistance. Signs of hypothermia include progressive muscle fatigue, shivering, loss of judgment, slurred speech, and difficulty walking. A combination of cold water, wind chill and fatigue can lead to this deadly condition and usually occurs (surprisingly!) in temps above 30-degrees F.

It’s easier to prevent frostbite and hypothermia than to treat it. If you must go out in the cold be prepared. Dress appropriately! Layers of clothing provide an effective barrier and can be added or subtracted as you get colder or warmer. Start with a perspiration wicking undergarment. Next put on a wool or fleece top for warmth. Over that, wear a windproof and rainproof slicker, preferably one that is breathable to allow some of the moisture from sweating to escape. Finish with a hat or headband that covers your ears and gloves for your hands. And if you do get wet, take off any wet clothing. If your toes, fingers, ears or other body parts feel numb, get inside and warm-up!

Fish Oil Aids Exercise

In looking for a nutritional boost, many athletes find fish oil to be a helpful supplement. Now, new research shows additional benefits: enhanced exercise economy. In a study, 20 college aged males who were regularly active in recreational activities were equally divided into either a fish oil group or a control group. Those in the fish oil group ingested 3.6 grams of the supplement daily for eight weeks.

To test the subjects, researchers had the subjects pedal on a stationary cycle until exhaustion was reached. The subject’s oxygen consumption (VO2) was tested before and after the eight week period. After five minutes of cycling, the fish oil subjects showed significantly decreased VO2 levels compared to the control group. In addition, the fish oil group’s VO2 levels remained lower for the duration of the test.

The results also showed a 148% increase of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and a 13% rise in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the red blood cells of the fish oil subjects after eight weeks. Researchers concluded that these heightened levels contributed to the decreased VO2 in the fish oil group. The EPA-rich fish oil supplementation improves exercise economy and reduces perceived exertion in normal healthy subjects.

Student Activities Information

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Library News

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Meet Our Team!

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The counseling department at Woodgrove looks forward to assisting you with your scheduling needs and post-secondary goals. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us so we can get to know you and serve you better.

2020 -2021 Counseling Team

  • Mr. Patrick Weaver ------------ A-Cop
  • Mr. Steven Cohen -------------- Cor-Gra
  • Mrs. Amy Scott ----------------- Gre-K
  • Mrs. Donna Kelly --------------- L-O
  • Mrs. Barbara Bell --------------- P-Sm
  • Mrs. Rachael Sutphin -------- Sn-Z

  • Mrs. Geri Fiore ------------------- Director of School Counseling
  • Mrs. Bernadette Ishmael ---- School Registrar
  • Mrs. Stephanie Butler -------- Counseling Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Annie Harding ------------ Career Center Specialist
  • Mrs. Justin Jarvis -------------- Testing Coordinator/FACETime Coordinator

Mental Health Team

  • Mrs. Kelley Trenary -------- School Social Worker
  • Mrs. Heidi Buckner -------- School Psychologist
  • Mrs Amy Iliffe ---------------- Student Assistance Services Specialist

PSAT Testing

The PSAT/NMSQT Test will be offered to all current sophomores on Jan. 26th and will be administered at Woodgrove HS. Students must wear a face covering (cloth or disposable) at all times, complete a COVID-19 symptom check questionnaire on the day of the test (prior to entry), and have their temperature taken upon arrival to the testing site.

Students must register to participate in this PSAT NMSQT test administration. Late registrations and walk-ins will not be accepted. There is no cost to take this test and transportation is available if requested within the registration portal.

Register Here by 5:00pm on December 2nd.

Governor’s School

Open to current Sophomores and Juniors, the Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s Schools is a selective four week program held on various college and university campuses throughout Virginia and is a great opportunity to work and study not only with other students with similar talents and interests but also with mentors, professors, scientists, and other professionals in their field of interest.

Programs are offered in Agriculture, Humanities, Math/Science/Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, Marine Science, Medicine and Health Sciences and Engineering.

All Applications are due December 18th. For more information and to apply, visit the Counseling Website under Governor’s School.

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Academies of Loudoun

The Academies of Loudoun Admission Office will be hosing Virtual Tours for interested high school students wishing to apply to the Academies of Loudoun during our 2021 Winter Admissions Cycle. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are replacing our customary high school tours of the ACL with a Virtual Tour for each high school starting in January 2021.

Information will be coming soon regarding these events. Application Timeline and Requirements for the Winter Admission Cycle can be found here.

Transcript Requests

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You must submit a completed and signed transcript release and transcript request form at least 3 weeks prior to the deadline. The following deadlines are intended to help ensure you give us adequate time to process your request, but you are welcome to submit your request early. If you miss the 3 week transcript request deadline, please talk with your counselor so that we can personally assist you.

WHS Transcript Release

gives WHS permission to submit transcript; complete once

WHS Transcript Request

tells WHS where to send transcript; complete one for each college you are applying to

NVCC Transcript Request

A mid-year transcript with 1st semester senior grades will automatically be sent to the colleges/universities you specified on your initial transcript request forms.

A final transcript will automatically be sent to the college indicated on the end-of-year senior survey.

Naviance Student is an incredible tool for WHS students and their families! It is a comprehensive website to assist you and your child in making decisions about courses, careers and college. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we invite students and parents to sign on and start exploring.

How do you sign on?
Students can access Naviance Student through their LCPS Go account. Parents have been registered with their email address on record as their username and a temporary password. They may click here to login. If you are unable to log on, contact Mrs. Harding in the Career Center at annie.harding@lcps.org.

Take a quick tour of Naviance! and see for yourself all the tools available to you and your student.


Are you looking to apply for scholarships, but not sure where to start? Start here to learn about the different types of award opportunities and where to find them here .

Loudoun County is continually updating their website which lists the scholarships for 2020-2021 along with application links and submission requirements. Bookmark the LCPS Scholarship List page to stay informed throughout the school year.

Starting in January, our School Scholarships will be open and available on Naviance. Information about how to apply will be distributed in the coming weeks.

NOVA Virtual Visits Continuing in December!

Mr. Thomas Chalk is the Northern Virginia Community College High School Coordinator for Woodgrove! Mr. Chalk will be virtually visiting with students again in December 7th at 3:00pm to give them an overview of the many opportunities available at NOVA – academics, transfer programs, student life and more. See why this is one of our most popular post secondary options for our students. Register for this event in Naviance.

Interested in the Military?

Virtual Military visits will be starting in November and will continue throughout the school year. Once confirmed, they will be added to Naviance under College Visits and students can register for those visits in the same way they would a college visit.

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a comprehensive career exploration and planning program that includes multiple aptitude tests, an interest inventory, and various career planning tools designed to help students explore the world of work. Tests will take place throughout Loudoun County again this year and will be offered again this year at Woodgrove:


Woodgrove High School Library

March 1st 9:30 am

Registration will open in January. Check the Counseling Website for newly updated test prep resources!

Job, Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

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Recent Job Postings -High Sierra Pools, Leesburg Parks& Rec

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