Killing off animals and making them extinct

What's going on

For years its been a custom in every society to hunt animals for meat, skin and other things they're useful for. Yet recently hunting has been taken to a whole new level. Too many people have been over hunting making other animals extinct or endangered.

What are the effects?

Over hunting can effect the Biosphere drastically. It makes animals endangered and extinct. One of the most endangered was the Black Rhino. A Texan man was paid $350,000 to kill off one of the rhinos. He has been getting nothing but death threats, and now has body guards to protect him. Over hunting an animal makes it so that the food source of that animal has decreased, making it harder for the animal to find food.

Overhunting's bad!

How can you help?

You can help by respecting the environment around you, and not hunting to an excess. It's dangerous because not only does it destroy the animals environment; it destroys our own.

Help save the world! Don't think about something just do it!

Stop overhunting and overfishing!