Ready for Change in 2015?

Amys' Arbonne Newsletter - January


Getting rid of toxins and developing healthier eating habits has never been easier! Join our group detox for support, accountability, and fun...all while experiencing life-changing results! Plus, inviting friends to join you means more fun and more cash in your pockets. Contact me for more details!
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New 30-Day Group Starting February 2nd!

What the Healthy Living Program IS:

  • A 30-day body detox and a whole, real, unprocessed foods eating program to increase your nutrient intake and help you look and feel great from the inside-out! You will eliminate known allergenic and toxic foods and eat lots of vegetables, lean proteins (i.e. wild fish, organic chicken, grass-fed beef, beans and lentils), good carbs (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes) and good fats (nut butters, nut oils, olive oil, avocado, flax-seed oil). You'll supplement with Arbonne's 100% gluten-free, vegan nutrition line (protein shakes, fiber boost, prebiotics/probiotics, detox tea, 7-day body cleanse, and natural energy drinks).
  • A way to gain tools and knowledge to implement life-long health and wellness goals in a supportive atmosphere. You'll get lots of support through a private Healthy Living & Beyond Facebook group, tons of recipes, live and recorded nutritional coaching calls, and weekly check-ins from me.

What it ISN'T:

  • A deprivation, fast or liquid diet.

I'm on Day 18 of our January 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge, and I feel terrific! I've lost almost 5 pounds, my belly is flatter, my clothes fit better, and I have tons of energy! Why don't you give it a try too?

Contact me today to learn more and get started. Order by Jan. 27 to start Feb. 2!

Prefer a 10-Day Cleanse? You Can Look and Feel AMAZING by Valentine's Day!

No Diet. Just Detox! Through this program you’ll learn how to make better choices for your health in just 10 days.

Each day you will follow a plan which includes eating at regular intervals, balanced and purposeful nutrition, supplementing and/or replacing some meals with nutrient-rich protein shakes, and increasing your water intake to help flush the toxins being released.

It's a simple wellness plan that will deliver everything you need to reboot your system in a way that is healthy and safe.

Order by Jan. 29 to start Feb. 4 and finish on Feb. 13! Email me to get started.

Healthy Living Overview- 10 day detox

Arbonne: 35 Years of Living Beautifully

This year, 2015, is Arbonne's 35th Anniversary, and we are celebrating with our limited-edition set that helps recapture skin’s youthful radiance. Try it today!

Give Your Valentine Something Sweet AND Guilt-Free!

This year give your Valentine all of the sweet, with none of the sin. This ready-to-gift box is full of delicious Chocolate and Caramel Fit Chews. When hunger strikes between meals, Fit Chews are a perfect, guilt-free supplement to help satisfy cravings and deliver a quick pick-me-up. They’re also a great way to support a weight-management regimen.

Please Help Me To Grow My Business!

My Goals for 2015:

I intend to promote to Area Manager by March 31 and also earn Arbonne's Incentive Trip, a 7-day Caribbean Cruise, in October.... but I need your help! :-) To grow my business and team, I need to share these wonderful products that I love and educate people about network marketing and this life-changing business that can be done part-time from home.

Here are some ways you can help me:

  • Host a small, super casual get-together at your house in the next few weeks. All you have to do is get 3-5 of your friends together (preferably people I DON'T know) for me to pamper, and I will do everything else. I’ll do a quick presentation and everyone can try the products, and there is no pressure to buy anything. I promise you and your guests will learn a lot and have a really fun time. You'll also receive many hostess benefits: a HUGE discount (35-55% off your entire order), free shipping, a free product of your choice and a hostess gift from me.
  • Refer some friends/relatives/co-workers to me who you think might be interested in learning more about Arbonne's products or the business opportunity. Forward this newsletter to them too!
  • Try a sample of a product that you're curious about. Maybe Anti-Aging Skincare, Cosmetics, Baby Care, Aromatherapy, Seasource Detox Spa, Haircare? Browse our website or our virtual catalog, and let me know what interests you. I can drop off a sample or a full-size product for you to test or I can mail samples to you. See why I am so excited about these pure, safe and beneficial products and why I love shopping at a discount in my own mall!
  • Meet me for coffee (my treat!) if you are looking for a change in your life and would like to learn more to see if Arbonne might be a fit for you.
  • Come to my house (or I can come to you) and try our products. Have fun applying different shades and types of makeup and get a one-on-one color matching consultation. Or I can help you determine which of our skincare lines would work best for you, and then you can then try them yourself. Let me know what you're looking for...
  • Organize a Biggest Loser contest at work or with some friends or neighbors and do the 30-day or 10-day detox together. I'll award the winner $100 in Arbonne products – and you'll get some free stuff too. I can send you a flyer to post in your office or share with people, and I will help you coordinate everything.

Thank you in advance for your support and help! I really appreciate it!


Please join me at our monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 3 from 7-8:15pm at the Round Hill Country Club in Alamo (3169 Roundhill Road) for an introduction to our philosophy, products, and business opportunity.

  • Is it really possible to work from home?
  • What kind of income can be earned?
  • What is the time commitment?
  • Is this something anyone can do?

Meet people who have taken control of their time and finances. Come take a peek to see if Arbonne could be a fit for you!

Can't make it but are curious to learn more? Listen to this Discover Arbonne Recorded Call from Kirsten Costello, Independent Consultant & Executive National Vice President:

Amy Teeling

Arbonne Independent Consultant #14780122

Executive District Manager