Fifth Grade Newsletter

October 11, 2015

Dear Parents:

Here's what's happening at school this week.


This week we will continue with our Global Read Aloud book, Fish in a Tree. Over 50,000 students around the world are reading the same book this month! We are also continuing our work on informational reading, specifically reading to find the main idea and supporting details.

Students are expected to do some reading most nights as homework.

I will be speaking at the Association for Middle Level Educators Conference in Columbus, Ohio this week, so I will be out of school Wednesday-Friday. Please reach me by email if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Studies

We had a great time showcasing our Make 10s! What amazing work your children did! We also got flashcards for our new vocabulary words and worked on activities to help us learn these important words. This coming week, students will begin to learn about Native American groups of the early United States.


Last week, students worked on adding and subtracting decimals. This week, they will finish their formative assessment on these concepts. This week, students will participate in Tiger Toast Tuesday. Students will answer some math-related questions while enjoying their Tiger toast and topping. On Wednesday through Friday, students will practice multiplying whole numbers and decimals.


Students finished a food chain/food web poster last week. Poster grades will be posted this week. The students had 3 days in-class to work on this poster. Most students finished within the time given, but they were allowed to take the poster home to finish over the weekend if needed. If you see a M in the grade book for this assignment, that means your student did not finish the poster. I will be handing papers back and going over current grades with every student this week.

Your student will have to complete any missing assignments at home this week.

This week we are going to break down the Photosynthesis Process and analyze what substances are truly necessary for plants to make their own food.

Science Homework:

Students will have homework this week. They will get a Photosynthesis Worksheet this week on Monday and it will be due on Wednesday 10/14/15.

Some students will have to finish missing assignments at home or during lunch this week.


The Fifth Grade Team

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