Education Welfare Service

Supervision Support Service, for Attendance Officers

Bhavika Sahiri: Education Welfare Service Lead

After graduating in BSc Psychology, Bhavika worked for the Child, Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). She has worked with children with moderate to severe learning difficulties (and autism spectrum disorders) and challenging behaviours. Her role was to carry out assessments, observations and implement interventions; modelling to parents, schools and respite provisions. It was at this time that she knew—'this is me!' Not only did she want to work closely with children but especially support families and professionals who put children at the heart of everything they do.

Since then, Bhavika has built significant exeperience working in forensic mental health, as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in a CAMHS-like service, as a Restorative Parenting Officer and as an Attendance and Welfare Officer for Croydon EWS. During this period, she also completed her MEd in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties which complimented her professional experiences.

As an Attendance and Welfare Officer, Bhavika has worked with the Pupil Referral Units in Croydon, primary and Special schools. This allowed her to work effectively with a high volume of complex cases, hard to reach families and different pupil cohorts in a thorough multi-agency fashion. Keen to develop professionally, she also successfully completed a Leadership and Management Course, which goes hand in hand with her role as Octavo’s Education Welfare Service Lead.

Why the need for supervision?

In working with in-house Attendance Officers or staff with attendance responsibilities across different educational settings, it is apparent that attendance is a substantial role for the individual who usually also has a significant amount of other duties and responsibilities.

The need for such individuals to receive targeted support in their role can therefore be significant as:

  • It can be an isolated role
  • Support may be required in implementing changes in processes
  • For complex cases, advice, guidance and support may be required
  • A clear, consistent and robust process to manage attendance issues may not be in place

The impact

The overwhelming responsibility of managing attendance is often seen as the Attendance Officer’s duty alone. As a result, attendance issues are sometimes managed in an ad hoc manner, interventions are not swiftly delivered, early intervention gets pushed aside, and things become increasingly confusing when statutory processes and procedures change!

How we can help?

EWS have devised a Supervision Support Service to enable individuals with attendance responsibilities to fulfill their role with confidence, up-to-date knowledge of current practices, complex case management with consistent support and guidance.

The package also entails 1:1 bespoke Bitesize training in various areas:

  • Drawing up an Attendance Policy
  • Data Analysis & Planning Interventions (using SIMS)
  • Implementing Timely Interventions
  • Fixed Penalty Notice Code of Conduct
  • Fast-Track Prosecution Process; The School’s Role
  • Embedding Effective Attendance Practice (bespoke)
  • Children Missing from Education Process
  • Early Intervention Strategies

The frequency of the Supervision Support sessions is at your discretion. You may chose to spot purchase for something specific or purchase frequent sessions allowing the provision of ongoing support.

To discuss your needs call Bhavika Sahiri on 0792 0657 765 or email

We are the Octavo Partnership

The Octavo Partnership is a mutual venture between Croydon Council, Croydon Headteachers Association and staff to deliver high quality education support services from April 2015 in Croydon and further afield. We are a group of dedicated, highly experienced individuals across multiple, complimentary services working together to raise standards, deliver lasting school improvement and improve outcomes for all children and young people.

Octavo comprises of the following core services:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Governor Services
  • School Improvement
  • Information Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Finance Services
  • Education Business Partnership
  • Brokered Services