Jack Parrish Perished: Purposeful!

Davis Burch, Towner Schunck, Carter Rohn, and Blaise Achecar

Jack Parrish Passed

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 4:30pm

The Lovett School

Jack Parrish was poisoned with 30mg of cyanide at 4:00 PM on November 29. He died 30 minutes later at 4:30.



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Erin Dixon was at SoHo with Ms. Lecceardone at 1:30 PM on November 19th, and was dropped off at the school for a meeting at 4:00, which would have given the cyanide enough time to kill. Arsenic is ruled out, though. She was at SoHo at the time,. However, Dixon says Ms. Little can verify Erin Dixon was in the meeting. Dixon seems to resent Mr. Parrish, and she was seen running off campus at 4:30 with one shoe on. 4:30 was the time of death for Mr. Parrish. However, her hair is not similar to the hair found out the crime scene, yet her fingerprints are.
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Andy Sayles liked Parrish for the most part, however he disagreed with Mr. Parrish's opinions about the Chattanooga trip. Furthermore, a death cap mushroom was on Sayles' desk, and there are even more of them at Mr. Sayles' home. However, Mr. Sayles couldn't have poisoned Mr. Parrish with cyanide or arsenic, for he was at his summer house the whole time.
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John Rice was at the baseball fields around 1:30 PM. Considering he had rat poison containing arsenic, he could've poisoned Jack Parrish with it. However, Rice said he and Parrish are friendly, yet John Rice seemed jealous about Parrish being a model. Rice seemed jealous because he believed Mr. Parrish should give up modeling, and Mr. Rice was modeling at the Mall of Georgia at 4:00, ruling out Rice killing with cyanide. When giving his story of where he was at 1:30 he seemed to be making it up as he went along.
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Kelly Lecceardone was at SoHo with Ms. Dixon at 1:30, discussing how much they resented Mr. Parrish. since she was at SoHo at 1:30, she couldn't have killed with arsenic. After dropping Dixon off, Ms. Lecceardone went home and was with her dog Gino at the time of the murder. According to Lecceardone, no human saw her at home. However, Ms. Lecceardone had bitter almonds on her desk that contained cyanide. Her isn't similar to the hair at the crime scene, but her fingerprints are.

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Davis, Towner, Carter, and Blaise

Davis was our evidence person. Carter was our math person. Towner was our #1 lab person, and Blaise was our #2 lab person.


According to our observations, we believe Erin Dixon is the killer. She used cyanide.