abox 550 handheld

it can connect to any internet

how will i produce my Abox 550

Once i create it I would just start selling to friends and family and let them spread out the word about it and pretty soon my bushiness will take off because i will be selling it for 400 a piece and then i would buy a store and start selling them there and then create more stuff for my story. and how will you get one just call Chris O'Bar at 785 449 2230 or go to my house to get on at apt 12 in eskredge. The A box 550 is different because its on the go, has a long battery life, screen protector, you can keep up with your live account, also able to massage or call or party chat with any your friends and it also has Skype/ Facebook already downloaded on the A box 550.An I think everyone would want this.

How could I Fund it

well I would ask my family and friends for a loan and if i'm short i would go get a bank loan or do fund raisers to be able to get the money there's a world of opportunists out there. I think i would need at least 200 million to be able to make a few games because they are not cheap anymore and not easy to make i would need money and equipment to make some games.

my Plans on producing my product

I will get a little team of my close computer programmer friends like programmers who know what there are doing and would be making a division of our total profit and were they wont mess things up or sell me out.

my Office hours and employees and where

My office would be in Topeka K,S. I would have just a few employees in the begging and would be looking for more workers in the future. for programmers there would be 4 or 5, 2 game testers but i'm not fully sure just yet an the company would be ultor ind.
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