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The Review. Jessica Leikvoll

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‘Soul Surfer’ is a very heart warming and inspiring story, it makes you feel inspired to do more with what you have. It is based on a true story, about a young girl named Bethany Hamilton, who unfortunately lost her arm after getting it bitten off by a shark while doing the thing that she loves, surfing.

In this movie Bethany and her family live in Kauai, Hawaii, her older brothers names are Noah and Jimmy and her parents names are Tom and Cheri, Bethany and her family are Christians, and their Christianity is a big part of their lives. Bethany enter’s competitions with her best friend Alana, they have both been best friends since they were little and both have a strong passion for surfing.

One afternoon on Halloween Bethany and her friends go out to Tunnels Beach for a surf, while her dad was having knee surgery in the hospital. As they were about to start the surgery they had an emergency call at the hospital informing them that Bethany his daughter had gotten her whole arm bitten off by a tiger shark and was losing a lot of blood and fast. The whole family was in major shock from hearing about this and were praying so hard that she would survive.

So will she survive and be able to surf ever again?

The main characters in this movie is AnnaSophia Robb who plays the role of Bethany Hamilton who plays a really great role, her father Tom Hamilton is played by Dennis Quaid and Cheri Hamilton her mother is played by Helen Hunt. Bethany’s older brother Noah is played by Ross Thomas and her other brother Jimmy is played by Chris Brochu. These actors and actresses all play a really special role, in the movie you don’t see Bethany’s brothers much but when they are playing they are good roles.

Bethany’s best friend Alana Blanchard is played by Lorraine Nicholson, Holt Blanchard (Alana’s father) is played by Kevin Sorbo and his son Byron Blanchard is played by Jeremy Sumpter. Alana plays an okay role but not the best, Holt has a very important and special role and plays it well and Byron isn’t seen as much in the movie as the others are seen quite frequently.

Some other important but not major roles are played by Sonya Balmores who plays Malina Birch a competitor, Carrie Underwood who plays Sarah Hill the organiser for trip to Thailand, Craig T. Nelson who plays Dr Ronvinksy the surgeon and Cody Gomes who plays Keoki. Sonya plays a really good role she makes the audience feel angry at her as if she’s a villain. Craig plays the role at the hospital when Bethany’s father hears that Bethany has had her arm bitten off, so he has quite an important role. Cody isn’t seen in many roles of the movie only in a couple while talking to Bethany.

There are many great scene’s in the movie but the bad scene was the shark attack the shark looked not one bit real. Some of the good scenes were, sad but made you feel as though you could feel her pain, these were when she was being lifted up to the back of the truck after getting bitten, in competitions were Malina was really rude and mean to Bethany.

Others were when she gave her boards away to young girls because she didn’t want to surf anymore also when she ripped an arm of her barbie doll to make it look like her she thought she was weird and ugly. Also when she went to Thailand and helped the people over there after the Tsunami they had had, because she found out that there were people there who had a worse life than she did. Another really good scene was when she was helping a young girl to surf because she was afraid of the water as many others were after the Tsunami, but they all gradually got in the water and had fun.

Soul Surfer is very inspirational, it tells people and myself that you can do anything to achieve what you want to achieve and never give up no matter your situation. Keep trying and you’ll get there, that’s the main message the story is giving across to the audience.

This movie is recommend to ages 10+ because Bethany is in her teens which is around that age and she can tell them what she can achieve and is capable of at such a young age, and maybe even inspire them. Surfer’s would enjoy the movie as well as people who are in there early teens. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to children under the age of 10 because they may get afraid of the water afterwards, and it may be a bit scary or sad for them. The movie is rated PG, parental guidance for young viewers is recommended.

You should defiantly consider watching ‘Soul Surfer’, it is a very moving story that will warm your heart, and possibly change the way you think about things.

I would rate this movie 3.5 surfboards out of 5 surfboards.

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