Solar Energy

the definition is...........radiant energy from the sun


1. renewable

2. abundant

3. sustainable

4. silent

5. shared solar

Is it renewable or nonrenewable

It is renewable because it comes from the sun

fun facts

  • Solar energy is obtained from sunlight.

  • Solar energy has been used by humans for a long time for uses such as heating, cooking food, removing salt from seawater and drying clothes.

  • These days it is also used to create electricity. As technology has improved, solar power costs have decreased and it has become a more viable alternative, competing with energy sources such as coal and oil.

  • While solar power is becoming more efficient, it only provides a small fraction of the world’s energy supply.

  • Solar cells convert light energy into electricity.

  • Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells.

  • Solar cells can be used to power portable devices such as calculators.

  • Large numbers of solar cells are put together to create solar panels.

  • The largest solar power plant in the world is found in the Mojave Desert, USA.