All Time All Star Weekly Update

December 1-5

Welcome back!

Hello friends,
Welcome back from Thanksgiving break. From the students' share time today, it sounds like each of us had a pleasant and safe break. The kiddos, and teachers, arrived back with smiles and a readiness to visit with school friends and dig into the last of 2014 together.

Vocabulary Assessment Wednesday

Weekly flow...

This week, we will begin our SS unit on the Rain Forest. Some children asked if they could bring in interesting and relevant rain forest information to enhance our unit, and that would be great! We will take good care of items brought in to share.
We will have our Unit 4 math assessment on Friday. We have been continuing our practice of regrouping, estimation, and problem solving with a variety of numbers and operations. The children are really developing an exciting number sense with their number of the day. They are developing strong and self-challenging problems each day, and they have even been creating problems for their peers to solve. Keep up the good work, All Stars!
We are also wrapping up our grammar Unit 1 with practice and review of complete sentences, subject and predicate, compound sentences, and editing practice.
We finished Because of Winn Dixie last Friday, and we will begin our next to-be-announced- read aloud this week.
Writer's Workshop has been chugging along with lots of peer feedback and discussion. The writer's have been experimenting with different story beginnings and really capturing the hear of their story. The writer's are also learning to read texts like a writer and look for styles and ideas they can use in their own writing. Our publishing date for our current narrative is December 17th.
Keep checking in with the weather - it is up and down this week. I was also tricked into wearing too light of clothing for how chilly our day became today, so please remember to have your kiddo grab a sweatshirt or coat as they head out the door in the morning.
Have a wonderful week,