Old Methods into New Methods

Manasvini Tangirala

Technology in Mesopotamia

Mesopotamians used irrigation to stop flooding which helped them control floods. This way the water won't make the ground too fertile, making it difficult to walk. The people in Mesopotamia also used pottery or metalworking to make objects that would help them with their everyday lives. Pottery once had the ability to control firing. In the seventh millennium, objects were made out of copper. Mesopotamians also used cloth and materials like wool, line, and palm fibre. The artificial glaze on pottery is called Faience, which wasn't used until the second millennium. The Mesopotamians used bricks to build houses and buildings.

Technology Now

Today we have high-tech computers, phones, tablets, and many more. We use these devices to communicate with each other, search for information, and for personal use. We also use pottery to make pots, bowls, and decorations. We use metalworking to make rods, benches, door handles and etc. Cloths today are used to for clothing and towels. We still use bricks to make buildings and houses like the Mesopotamians, but instead we use cranes to build them. There are also carpenters who build houses as well.

Agriculture in Mesopotamia

The Mesopotamians hunted and gathered animals for food and clothes. There isn't much rainfall to grow crops without having access to the river water in the south. The southern plain was crossed by many streams flowing from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In late October or November, the agricultural season started with ploughing and sowing. When the flooding arrives, they lead into swampy unused land. Mesopotamians got milk from sheep, goats, and cows to make butter. They got there meat from sheep, goats, beef, and poultry. Mesopotamians also ate gazelle, mice, locusts.

Agriculture Now

Today, more animals are being hunted for food, clothing, and for medicine. We use lawn mowers and other gardening tools to maintain plants. Now, we do not use water from the stream directly. Instead, we have running water that is filtered, even though it might come from a river or ocean.

Animals Used for Agriculture