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Supporting Students with Special Needs During COVID-19

On December 16, 2020, the D41 Student Services Parent Advisory Committee (SSPAC) and D41 administration collaborated with Parent Advocate, Matthew Wanzenberg, Ph.D. to respond to questions submitted by parents regarding the educational impact of COVID 19 on our students with IEPs and 504 plans. We are grateful for those who participated in the event.

In an effort to address the on-going challenges facing our families during this pandemic,

we are sharing a document containing responses and information related to the questions.
SSPAC Q&A Panel Discussion

You are also welcome to visit our Glen Ellyn D41 Student Services Home Page for more information and resources regarding special education and the impact of the pandemic. If you would like more information about SSPAC, coffees, or other sponsored events, please contact Kim Lechner, Co-Chair at, or click this link for the Student Services SSPAC Information.

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Kim Lechner & Amy Kalten


Laurel O'Brien

Director of Student Services

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