Police Brutality

How big of a problem is it getting?

Problem in the police departments.

Police brutality is when police abuse their power when they're supposed to protect the people.It seems most of the victims of police brutality are people who are in the minority. From what I found the state of Oklahoma has the hightest rate at which black people are shot by law enforcement in the country. Nation-wide there were over 26,556 citizen complaints in 2002("Excessive or Reasonable..."). Worst of all is in Baltimore, there officers have beaten "dozens of residents who suffered broken bones- noses,jaws,arms,legs,ankles-head trauma,organ failure and even death." (Fridersdorf)

What can be done.

I've found that a police began requiring all officers to wear body cameras, use of force by officers fell by 60% and citizens complaints dropped by nearly 90% ("Excessive or Reasonable...").