8th Grade Service Project

Replenish the St. Anna Food Pantry, (Matthew 25)

Class of 2019

We are the St. Anna's graduating class of 2019. We would like to begin our final year here, at St. Anna Catholic School with a service project that benefits our church community and beyond. We are fortunate enough to attend this school and therefore we would like to help the less fortunate. Our beliefs and values have been strengthened by what we learn here at St. Anna's and we feel strongly about giving back and putting into practice what we have learned.

About the St. Anna's Food Pantry, (Matthew 25)

The St. Anna's food pantry is an organization that helps the less fortunate feed their families. In addition to non-perishable items, the workers also give people vouchers to Hannaford's so they can buy fresh food. Due to the overwhelming summer months, the food pantry is running low on much needed supplies. Therefore, we are in need of replenishment and we are asking you to help us!

How You Can Help

We understand that many people may want to help, but not all are in the same financial position. Therefore, we are providing a few options in which you can help. You can either send in a monetary donation, and in turn we will buy the non perishable items that are in most demand. -OR-If you prefer you can purchase the items yourself and send them in with your student, or arrange a time to drop off at the front office.

Below is a list of the items the pantry finds the most requested and in demand.

Please have all donations in by Friday November 9th.


Canned vegetables

Canned fruit

Bottled juices

Canned soups

Peanut butter


Tomato sauce

Thank You

We want to thank you in advance! We are so fortunate to be part of such a generous community!


The 8th Grade Class

Savannah, Elyanna, Louis, Patrick, Lindsey, Clauvens, Juliet, Lily, Jessica, Michael, David, Christopher, Elaina, Grace, Jacob, Emily and Jonathon.