Ottawa Canada

come to the beautiful city of ottawa canada :-)

Did you know that people in ottawa speak english and french? In 2011 over 20,000 borders were built.The absolute location of Ottawa Canada is 45.4214ºN , 75.6919ºW. The relative location of ottawa Canada is it is bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific and the Arctic ocean.
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Did you know 1857 Queen Victoria of Britain chose Ottawa to be the capital of Canada? There are more than 14 museums in ottawa.Did you know that there is an ottawa river? The word ottawa i said to mean "To Trade".
Ottawa is now a home to 870,250 people.It is next to the metropolitan area.Did you know that Ottawa has great scenery? Ottawa has a lot of water. "In Canada a lot of people interact with their own environment" says
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"If the people leave the place dirty then the next person that wants to be in that environment has a nice dirty place to stay, and if that person doesn't feel like cleaning up after someone then they wont clean it." says so the people have to clean up after themselves.
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"The trade commissioner service of Canada's apartment of foreign affairs and international trade helps companies that have researched and selected their target market." "In 2014 Canada was the 12th most important trading partner.