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Help Wanted!!

Camp Leaders Needed

Our Gulf Coast Classical Conversations Practicum is open for registration! Our camps are filling up with kids already! We need your HELP. We are in need of Camp Leaders. Each camp is in need of a Leader 18 years old or older. This is a paid position. Training is provided. Lunch is provided. In the past we have used those not familiar with Classical Conversations, but this year we need those who understand Classical Conversations. Our camps are a great way for new families to connect with new friends. Please check out the options below and let Jan O'Donnell know if you would be interested.

Teen Volunteers

Teen Volunteers

We are also in need of Teen Volunteers to work in the camps as well. The teens need to be 13 years old or older (have completed Challenge A). The teens are very important part of the success of our camps. We need at least 15! Lunch will be provided this year. Your teen will also earn volunteer hours. This is a great opportunity for you teen to learn leadership skills by serving. Please let Jan O'Donnell know if your teen can serve our community in this way.