Text Dependent Analysis

SC Ready State Testing

What is it? What will it look like on the state test? How do I have my students practice this skill? Where can I get examples?

As educators we know the importance of students being able to gather evidence, knowledge, and insight from what they read. A text-dependent analysis question requires students to determine the meaning of complex texts, make logical inferences, and use evidence from the text to support their thoughts.

Other thoughts:

  • There is not always one right answer for text dependent analysis prompts. Students are encouraged to use the evidence to support their own thinking and interpretation of what they have read.
  • Text dependent analysis moves away from generic questions to questions that require students to analyze what they are reading

SC Ready:

We don't know exactly what the writing portion will look like when it comes to SC Ready State Testing. As the testing window becomes closer we may find out more. An educated thought would be that students will be given a passage to read and then be required to respond to a given prompt using evidence, knowledge, and insight from the text. Remember that test taking prompts is another genre of writing and we still have time to work on this before testing time.

What does this look like in my classroom?

For many of you, your students have been practicing text dependent analysis in their Reading Response Journals. Think about what the Reading Response Journal is: students are given a text and asked to respond to a prompt and find evidence from the text to support their thinking. As suggested by our trainer for John Collins, the Reading Response Journal should be heavy in non-fiction text.

Where can I get examples?

Right now there are no examples from the SC Ready test that are available. I am working on a folder in Canvas that will contain some example starter questions that should help you get started with text dependent analysis. Use these "Starters" to help form your prompts for your Reading Response Journals. Remember to always require students to use evidence from the text. You will notice that the starters are not complete questions. You will need to finish the starters to match your text. Keep in mind as you look at the examples in the folder that these are from other states, schools, and districts. I am not saying this is exactly what our test prompts will look like but it should give you a place to start. ReadWorks.org is a wonderful resource to use to find text and often has a few prompts that are text dependent. As I find out more information about SC Ready I will pass it along.