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The Gratitude Experience: Part 2

Happy Monday!

Wow what a week for our country, and boy what a workout for our minds and hearts. Our country proved deeply divided in the way “we the people” responded to the outcome, and on a personal note, it caused me to reflect upon a few things more intently and intensely. When I decided to write part one of this series, I didn’t consider the fact that the election aftermath could and would serve as inspiration for part two. But I suppose that’s the beauty of it all.

As I shared last week, this series will discuss how the act of experiencing gratitude can strengthen and reward your life in the context of health and wellness. We’ve discussed how an appreciative heart can help promote mental energy; now we'll address the physical aspect.

Ok, so let’s return to the election for a bit. I don’t need to repeat the various sentiments and acts expressed, but I do need to highlight the fact that it really made people think. I, for one, was struck with gratitude for the dancing mom at the Golden State Warriors game, who put on her best NBA champs sweater and gifted us with an entertaining 33 seconds of sensational dance moves (see video below.) And by mentioning the humorous YouTube sensation, I by no means aim to minimize some of the horrific offenses that struck parts of our country. However, that video did serve a great purpose in transforming the tone of many social media feeds from one of hatred and conflict to one of levity and thanks—and for that reason I am grateful.

We can liken this discussion to working out. A good workout or a workout that ends a long fitness hiatus has the potential to provoke some pain…or at least discomfort. Sore muscles. Fatigue. Frustration. However, if you take a second to appreciate the aches and perceive them as change in the right direction, then soon you will be more inclined to continue with a fitness program and feel excited about it. Additionally, you will see results and will be able to measure your efforts by feeling energized, sleeping better, losing inches and performing at a higher level than you did before.

So chat with a friend about it. Write your goal down. Take a second to soak up the opportunity you have to be physically capable and get to it! Feel real thanks for life, and give yourself a true chance to be the best version you can be. And heck, if you can't muster up the courage to increase your speed on the treadmill or lift a heavier dumbbell, then at least shake your booty (as my daughter would say) and bust out some moves like the Warriors dancing queen!

In good health and much gratitude,


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