By, Christian Montano, Irvin Hernandez

Historical background

Date: the end of the 18th century

Leaders/Important people: George Gordon, Lord Byron

why did people need or value our topic?: To express thoughts through truth and beauty; To show appreciation for nature

How do we see our topic being used in the Industrial Rev.?: Romanticism was used to protest against the factories and the people who work in them

Topic and its impacts within Great Britain during the Industrial Rev.

Social: Many famous writers and artists produced books and art which spread across Europe, giving many aspiring artists inspiration

Economic: Romanticism was studied by economists through viewing the social impacts of the people

Political: Romantic writers protested against the industrial revolution, because they thought the people who work in the disregarded nature

Topic and its impacts on the World during the Industrial Rev.

Social: Romanticism also introduced Gothic style literature which was how the famous novel "Frankenstein" was born

Economic: economic writing was also expressed by describing human nature

Political: famous writers used their words by challenging political people and decisions

The Modern Day Counterpart

What is it?

Something that resembles another. In this case, something from the past that resembles the modern version

How does it relate to our topic?

Romantic genre was expanded as time went on. plays, songs and films were made because of the romantic writers of the past