Cougar Connection

August 5, 2022

Important Dates:


5th - New Teacher Academy

6th - Free & Reduced-Price Lunch Application Assistance (JISD Annex)

8th - Staff Returns

10th - Freshman Seminar (9:00 am - 11:00 am @ JHS)

17th - First Day of School

19th - Meet the Cougars (7:00 pm @ JHS Stadium)

22nd - Advanced Academics Information Night (5:30 pm @ JHS)

22nd - Senior Parent Information Night (6:30 pm @ JHS)

Senior Parking Spots (Reminder)

Hello Seniors,

First, let me begin by sharing how much I look forward to getting to know many of you and my plan is for you to have a tremendous year.

As many of you know, seniors at Jarrell High have been able to select and paint a senior parking spot. We will be continuing that tradition. Attached is a form with agreements for you if you elect to secure and paint a parking spot. This will begin on August 4th. Parking spot selection, parking tags, and agreements can be completed with Mrs. Norwood in our front office.

Should you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to me.

Best regards,

Mr. Maddox


Counselor Corner

Please check the student portal for your schedules. If you see any problems or changes, please contact the proper counselor below. We are trying to have all schedules as accurate as possible for schedule pickup August 10th.

JHS Pick Up/Drop Off Map

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Freshman Seminar

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Upper Classman Schedule Pick-Up

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Schedule Changes


Schedule changes MUST be submitted before the end of the school day within the first

full week of school for the Fall and within the first week back in the Spring semester.

A great deal of time is invested in both the registration and scheduling process. The basis for

building a master schedule, for any school year, are the requests made by our students

during registration. Each individual course request made in the spring affects the final

schedule for the next school year. Staffing, room assignments, and the number of course

sections are all determined by these choices. Therefore, when students make their course

selections, it is understood that their schedule will reflect these choices.

For the above reasons, schedules will NOT be changed unless the request meets one of the

following criteria.

The student…

· did not pass a class that is required for another class

· passed summer school coursework that necessitates a change

· needs a specific course that is a graduation requirement

· has been placed in the wrong level class

· has been placed in a class that he/she has already taken and passed

· Non-completion of summer assignments (for PreAP/AP classes)

· has a medical reason (written documentation must be provided)

· elective (for Seniors & some Juniors) is needed for pathway completion

The following represents reasons not considered acceptable for schedule changes:

· GPA is being affected

· Class is not a specific graduation requirement

· Student wants to join friends in a particular class

· A specific teacher is preferred

· Student prefers another elective

· Student wants to keep the class but change the block that it is taken

For those wishing to change out of Pre-AP, or AP level courses: In order for a student to change out of an advanced academic course, a parent conference must be scheduled with the teacher and the Pre-AP/AP Teacher needs to provide a rationale to support the change to the Counselor. Process for Requesting a Schedule Change: 1) If the student has an acceptable reason for requesting a schedule change (see list above), he/she should speak with the counselor. Complete the form online. 2) To leave a program - Students need a note from parent/guardian and coach/sponsor for acceptance from the counselor that they can be removed from a program (band, sports, pharm tech, Ag, etc)


JHS Chromebooks 2022-23 (click)

Students will come with their scheduled class to check out Chromebooks during the first few days of school. Classes will be prioritized based on curriculum needs and grade level.

All technology fines must be cleared to check out a Chromebook.

  1. Check your fines at JHS Student Fines.

    • You must be logged into your JISD Google account to view.

  2. Pay any outstanding fines at

    • You must create an account the first time you use RevTrak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a usage fee?

There is no mandatory usage fee this year.

You will have the option to purchase Chromebook insurance online for a 1-time fee for the 2022-23 academic year. The insurance will cover the first repair as long as it’s not deemed negligence or abuse. You will have 30 days from receiving your Chromebook to purchase insurance. More details to come.

I still have my Chromebook from last year. What should I do?

Bring your Chromebook when your class comes to the library. Once we renew your Chromebook, the lost Chromebook fine will be removed.

I still have my charger from last year. Do I have to pay the fine?

Bring your charger to the library. We’ll remove the fine.


Please email if you have any questions about Chromebook checkouts.

JHS New Teacher Team Building Fun!

JHS Principal Maddox

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JHS Assistant Principals

JHS Counselors