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Fresh Water Made From The Sea

Desalinization is the process of making sea water drinkable. This process is particularly useful in the countries with few fresh water supplies. An example of a country where this become important is Saudi Arabia where there are no rivers or permanent bodies of water.

No More Trade is A Ok. Or Is It?

An embargo is an order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country. This becomes into effect when a countries disagree on something or they break an alliance. An embargo is kind of like a sanction. Sanction do not let a country get resources that it needs damaging its economy. An example is when Russia helped out ukrainenian rebels by supplying weapons.

Follow the Rules

Dictatorship is a government under control of one all powerful leader. This leader makes all the laws and can tell everyone what to do. He can make it that only certain people can go to places or not. An example and probably the most famous dictator is Adolf Hitler. He was the dictaor of Germany. He began the holocuast causing many Jew or anyone who disagreed with him to loose their life. He wanted to great an all powerful race that only consisted of non Jews. He sent every Jew he could located into concentration camps where they were slaughtered like animal.

Iraq is Back

The country of Iraq gained its independence in the year 1932. Sadly though from the years 1979 through 2003 it was ruled by Dictator Saddam Hussien . Over 70% of people in Iraq live in urban areas. It's capitol is Baghdod

Aswome Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is built in Egypt and controls the floods of the Nile River . It has many useful purposes such as it controls the Nile River floods so that farmers may use the water to plant more than once a year. It can release the water whenever it is needed to. But with positives there will always be a negative. The dam causes the farmland to become less fertile by not allowing the natural silt to pass through. This means that farmers must rely on chemical fertilizers that harm the environment more. The dam is also allowing salt water to flow deeper into the delta making it less fertile also.

Ever So Earthy Egypt Becoming Less Fertile?

Egypt may slowly be becoming less fertile but it still produces quite a bit of crops. Some of its crops are the oh so delicious Sugar cane, cotton to make clothes, and our fruits.
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