All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury

Article by Donovan Radford

Main Idea

The main idea of "All Summer in a Day" is that the sun is going to come out in a few days after it has been seven years.


Most people should have expected that at the end, Margot was going to get to see the sun. Well for all you people that thought that, you're wrong. At the end, Margot was locked in a closet by her fellow classmates, and she did not get to see the sun.


The sun symbolized happiness because they are happy when they see the sun. The rain symbolizes sadness because it rains when the sun is gone and they are sad when they don't see the sun. Venus symbolizes humanity in a new world because the kids are on Venus, on which they are starting a new civilization. Margot symbolizes that one outsider because she is a kid that doesn't really talk to anyone and everyone thinks she is different.