A Light of Color

By: Deniz Altintas

A Light of Color

Once long ago, there was a young goddess without a role in the Olympus world, but all of that was going to change. As the forest huntresses surrounded her, she gave an evil, cold, yet confident smirk, the color of her eyes a deep red, flames dancing inside of them.

"You huntresses do nothing but run around in a forest your whole life, showing your respect for nature by killing animals. You guys can't even keep up with the forest, even after all the running!"

The huntresses had been tormented by Iris, the goddess, for days now, and had enough of her impolite, insulting, and intrusiveness, especially Dianthe.

Dianthe spat, "Look, Iris! You tell us we're all just incapable, yet we never hear anything about yourself. If we can't even keep up with a forest, why don't I see you try and keep up with me in a race inside of the forest? Whoever makes it the "Big Old Oak Tree" first wins!"

Now Dianthe was fast, intelligent, and clever, knowing all of the forest's routes. Meanwhile, Iris didn't know the directions inside of the forest, and she wasn't much of the agile type, either. But after the days she spent making fun of the huntresses, she couldn't show her doubt. So she smiled, showing she was up for the challenge.

A Light of Color

As they took off into the forest, their heart beats pounded in unison like sticks beating on drums. Iris trailed behind a couple of steps, trying to understand where Dianthe might be heading to. It all looked the same to her, and with each step, a twig from a branch would swing at her, slowing her down. As time progressed, Iris got even further behind, and heaping breaths of exhaustion, she knew she had not only lost Dianthe, but herself.

And lost, Iris stayed for weeks, hungry and thirsty, knowing that she was only getting weaker as the days passed. The forest was dark and petrifying, and with the cold feeling in the air, everything felt wrong. She regretted her choice of accepting the race, knowing she wouldn't have had to have made that choice if she would have been kinder to the huntresses. Her noises out-ruling all others, she sobbed, causing Zeus to look down from Olympus. Seeing she had been through enough struggle, he decided to help.

A Light of Color

That night, as Iris took shelter in a cave from the storm going outside, Zeus created one of his master lightning bolts, having it hit a nearby tree and reflect off, the spark landing next to Iris's foot. But unlike other sparks Zeus had created, this one had color to it. Leaving a vast variety of color marks on the cave, Iris felt a wave suddenly crash into her, for an idea had struck!

A Light of Color

Iris waited patiently all night for the storm to pass by creating a stick with a feathery leaf attacked onto it in her time. When the next day had arrived, Iris dipped her stick into the colors which sparkled with a feeling of magic, and painted the sky. She went in order by her favorite colors; red, orange yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Once her work of art had been finished, she looked at it and did something she had not done in awhile; she smiled. Her heart filled with pride, for she never had much skill in anything. "I shall name this creation a rainbow!" She exclaimed with glee.

Stepping onto the paint, she walked onto the colorful path, the breeze lifting her hair with the wind, the chirping of birds singing a tune off in the distance along with the fresh aroma filling the air. In her head, words from another came; "You are the goddess of your own creation, the rainbow. You now have your skill, and it has taught you well." Iris recognized it as Zeus, and smiled even brighter. She was Iris, the Rainbow Goddess!

A Light of Color

After the rainbow's path had led her out of the forest, she skipped back home. At that very moment, Iris realized something very valuable; words do not reveal a character like actions do. Telling others about they're poor accomplishments but only showing your own failure does not make you a good person. You have to prove you are a good person, or else your choices will take over and create consequences. Because of Iris's learned lessons and time of struggle, rainbows occur even to this day, showing that through a stormy battle, there will always be a light of color at the end of a journey, as long as you learn something out of your adventure.

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