The Tomorrow Code

By Brian Falkner..................Book report by Ryne Mierau


Tane Williams

Rebecca Richards

Harley "Fatboy" Williams

Stony Crowe

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time travel and germs

Tane Williams and Rebecca Richards are two teenagers living their lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Take gets the idea about sending messages in time because of a book he read. Before the story began, Rebecca's father had died in an accident and her mother became a recluse leaving Rebecca to fend for herself. Due to her mother isolating herself, Rebecca and her mother have to leave their home and move to another city. while preparing for the move, Tane inadvertently reminds Rebecca of the time messaging idea. the two travel to the city university and are given data from gamma ray bursts in space. when they process the information obtained nothing happens, until they find a pattern of 1s and 0s in the data. they figure out how to decipher the code and find out that their is a message. the message tells them winning lottery numbers and to have them get a submarine and to also stop something called the Chimera Project. Tane and Rebecca tell Tane's brother, nicknamed Fatboy, about what they learned and they have him turn in the lotto numbers. the numbers for the lottery were correct affirming their beliefs that the time-travel messaging was true. Later the trio buys a submarine, learns how to operate it, and travels to an island with a genetics laboratory where the Chimera Project takes place. the group sneaks onto the island to stop whatever is happening with the project but discover that they are to late. narrowly escaping the military, Tane, Rebecca, and Fatboy learn about a mysterious fog that has begun traveling throughout New Zealand. the media and public begin to panic when they find out that people disappear when in contact with the fog. after being found and arrested by the military, the group discovers that the fog reacts like antibodies with a pathogen when in contact with humans. They figure out that the fog is the planets way of exterminating a virus like most organisms do and that the deadly pathogen is people. as the fog takes over the city of Auckland, Tane and Rebecca barely escape in the submarine and plan to send messages back in time to their past selves with a transmitter they created.

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