Dea Agent

Drugs for hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thesis point #1

Freedom because i want to protect rights. Then i want to make sure the right people can go to jail. and because of this our city will be safe. This now allows Mr. White to take off his day job. I don't want Drug dealers selling to little kids.

Thesis Point #2

Justice because keep the streets and state safe. Then people wont be afraid to go out at night. People will feel safe and protect. I feel the need to protect rights and do whats right for people. So people can feel safe at home.
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Thesis #3

being convincingly informative so i can win cases that i feel like we could win. then i can convice the jury that my cilent is not Guilty. I went to keep Drugs off the street and keep people safe. That way i can keep Kingpins off the Street.
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What sort of training do you need?

you need gun training and need to learn types of drugs


Gun skills, knowing drugs and knowing area where drug dealers work

Any room for job advancement?

yes you can move to different citys and you can becaming the boss of an drug bust.

involved with the job?

Cops, snitches, and other DEA memebers

outlook and Salary?

35,000 to 50,000 depends on how many years you been there

why i want this career?

Help stop drug dealers and meth cooks from killing or changing peoples lives.

what does a day in the of this career look like?

you get reports about the biggest drugs going around the city and gotta question and try to find the kingpin behide the product.