Andrew McManus

Andrew McManus: Never Giving Up

Andrew McManus: Great Music

Andrew McManus is synonymous with great music, and seeks to continue bringing the hottest and best live music acts to stages throughout Australia and beyond. A skilled and experienced music promoter, as well as the owner and founder of McManus Entertainment, Andrew McManus is known for bringing the best talent and most popular acts to the stage. He has become a breakthrough leader in the national music industry.

Beyond the Valley and Andrew McManus

Beyond the Valley is a music festival planned in part by Andrew McManus to celebrate the New Year. The new festival will take place at Victoria’s Phillip Island from December 30 to December 31 of 2014. After announcing the festival in 2014, Andrew McManus has been hard at work to make it a reality.

There are multiple promoters behind Beyond the Valley, including veteran promoter Andrew McManus. Andrew McManus has years of experience in promoting music festivals and booking artists. As one of the largest financiers behind Beyond the Valley, Andrew McManus is eager to witness how festival goers react to the luxury amenities promised by the new event.

Andrew McManus is confident the event will run smoothly despite Phillip Island’s reputation for less than pleasurable weather. Taking safety into account, the event will have backup generators and large wind-breakers. Better food, security, mini bars, toilets, and showers will be offered for VIP campers, an idea set in motion by Andrew McManus. Luxury tents will be fully powered and resemble hotel rooms more than tents, with concierge service and a hangout spa.

Andrew McManus anticipates the music festival will be a success. The event expects a turnout of over 10,000 people to celebrate the New Year, but estimates it can hold up to 16,500 guests. Andrew McManus is inspired by the event and looks forward to implementing its success in the future. In the meantime, Andrew McManus continues to promote Beyond the Valley and his own personal music festival called Raggamuffin

New Year’s Festival and Andrew McManus

Andrew McManus is a veteran in the industry who has met numerous celebrities over the years. In addition to filling venues for various festivals operated by others, Andrew McManus owns his own music festival celebrating the talent of reggae artists in Australia and around the world. While he works on his own Raggamuffin festival, Andrew McManus has another project looming on the horizon.

Andrew McManus is one of the financial promoters for Australia’s New Year’s music festival scheduled to take place on Phillip Island. A creation of Andrew McManus’, the festival is called “Beyond the Valley” and was first announced in early July of 2014. The festival will take place on December 30th and December 31st, offering guests a luxury camping experience for the New Year. Andrew McManus and his co-promoters promise more than the usual.

Festival attendees will have the privilege of camping in luxury, complete with back-up generators, private toilets, showers, mini-bars, and a spa. “Nothing but the best for my guests,” notes Andrew McManus, who insisted upon raising the bar for music festivals. Andrew McManus is known for his tenacity and fresh thinking. The event will accommodate over 10,000 people, with estimates of hosting 16,500 people.

Similar to his own music festival, Andrew McManus’ New Year’s celebration “Beyond the Valley” will feature two stages, but as of late August, no lineup or performers have been announced other than Action Branson and Peking Duk. Though this is just the beginning of Andrew McManus’ ideas for the future, he plans to celebrate 2015 with good music and company.

Andrew McManus: New Tours

Andrew McManus is a veteran promoter for concerts and music festivals in Australia. Throughout his career, Andrew McManus has successfully brought international artists to Australia and been personally thanked for his efforts. One artist from Nashville admitted Andrew McManus was the only Australian he would talk to because he was gifted with tenacity and a mind full of fresh ideas.

Andrew McManus is thankful for his many successful years of work. Though he admits there have been ups and downs, Andrew McManus is once again on an upswing and looks forward to new tours, like the recently announced tours for YES and UB40.

YES is an English rock band that band plays progressive rock, symphonic rock, art rock, and experimental rock. The band’s latest album titled “Heaven & Earth” was released in 2014. The band’s first album dates back to 1969 with the release of “Yes.” As one of Andrew McManus’ musical influences, the upcoming YES tour is much anticipated.

While Andrew McManus enjoys featuring legendary bands, he also loves to spotlight groups more recent groups, like UB40. UB40 is a British reggae/pop band that originated in Birmingham, England in the late 1970’s. The band was inspired by reggae music that originated in Jamaica in the 1960’s and soon began inspiring new artists around the world. When Andrew McManus heard about the tour, he was thankful and looked forward to the dates.

Andrew McManus looks forward to booking new tours and working with a variety of artists. The Beyond the Valley music festival to be held on Phillip Island is Andrew McManus’ next musical stop.

Andrew McManus: Joining Facebook

Social media is a powerful tool embraced by every industry. Savvy individuals use social media to their advantage by engaging with other users and building an audience base. A music industry veteran, Andrew McManus knows social media is the driving force behind modern culture.

Andrew McManus first recognized the power of social media in 2010 when he started a Facebook page for Raggamuffin Festival New Zealand. Created by Andrew McManus, the festival celebrates reggae music and many of the images and photos cater to the genre’s Jamaican origins.

With over 100,000 likes, Andrew McManus’ Facebook page has been beneficial for his career. As designed, the page provides a place for Andrew McManus to offer updates about the festival, share important information, and watch as fans engage each other in dialogue.

Compared to previous years, there is a change for Raggamuffin. The festival is preparing to celebrate for the eighth year in a row and is being moved to Auckland, a new location with a new image and two stages. Andrew McManus is adding another change to the eighth festival as well. Rather than strictly playing reggae music, the upcoming Raggamuffin music festival will feature hip hop music with Ice Cube headlining the stage, a move Andrew McManus thinks will generate more business.

Thus far, Andrew McManus’ festival patrons have shown excitement about the new lineup. After evolving with the music industry’s changes, Andrew McManus knows how to promote shows – a talent critical to his success. Andrew McManus encourages fans to visit his Facebook page to stay informed on upcoming events and share good vibes.

Fresh Ideas: Andrew McManus

Innovation is a word that is almost cliché. Many people want to be innovative and start something new, but Andrew McManus is only one of a handful to actually achieve it. Like major corporations, the music industry looks for fresh ideas and artists capable of drawing a crowd. Andrew McManus is just what the music industry needed.

Andrew McManus doesn’t have to claim he’s innovative when others have done that for him. Recently, Doc McGhee claimed Andrew McManus was the only person from Australia he would talk to because he is “tenacious” and “full of fresh ideas.” Fresh thinking and years of experience gives Andrew McManus an advantage over others in the industry leading to the development of Raggamuffin, a Reggae festival.

Andrew McManus’ creative ideas were put to use recently when he and others came up with the idea for Beyond the Valley. Announced in early July, Andrew McManus’ music festival is being run by multiple promoters. The festival is also a camping festival and unlike camping festivals in the past, will have a strong focus on VIP camping.

Andrew McManus is the veteran promoter behind Beyond the Valley. Andrew McManus and his co-promoter are eager to see how people react to deluxe tents. The tents have been described as pop-up hotel rooms with a spa, mini bars, private toilets, and showers. Additionally, back-up generators ensure the tents are fully powered, giving festival attendees a greater luxury experience. It is an innovative experience Andrew McManus is eager to see in action.

Personal Mentions: Andrew McManus

Andrew McManus is a well-known name in the Australian music industry speaking to the variety of international artists and groups he has booked. For years, Andrew McManus was responsible for booking concerts for world famous artists. He developed a reputation for filling events and quickly became a powerful figure in the concert business. Andrew McManus was a natural.

After opportunities to meet celebrities, Andrew McManus became familiar with many of the world’s top stars. He has been featured in the news for his participation in developing and funding various music festivals, leading to an increase in popularity and more traffic to his festival. After a successful concert or festival, Andrew McManus is the most sought after host.

Stevie Nicks once gave Andrew McManus a personal thanks before and after the song “Landslide.” Carole King invited him on stage at her final show in 2008 to sit with her during “You’ve Got a Friend” as thanks for bringing her to Australia. And Doc McGhee mentioned Andrew McManus at the Polestar convention in Nashville, stating he was the only person he would talk to in Australia because of his tenacity and fresh thinking.

Speaking to the professionalism and personable nature of Andrew McManus possesses, he enjoys being recognized for his work. Now, Beyond the Valley is receiving much attention as Andrew McManus is one of the men behind its promotion. The festival plans to stand apart from previous music festivals by offering a VIP camping experience with deluxe tents, private toilets, and showers. Andrew McManus hopes to greet old friends and see new faces at this event.

Andrew McManus: Visionary

The visionary and innovative leadership of long-time industry professional Andrew McManus is responsible for the continued success of McManus Entertainment, now considered one of the best and most successful entertainment promotions and ticket-selling companies in both Australia and New Zealand.

Under the guidance of Andrew McManus, McManus Entertainment has experienced considerable growth and success. Known by professionals, musicians and artists throughout the music industry, McManus Entertainment has become synonymous with live performances across both the Australian and New Zealand landscape, a company that has long strive to bring in the musicians and performers that people across the region truly want to see. Andrew McManus, known as a business visionary, brings leadership and experience to his company, guiding the organization to continued success over the course of many years of existence.

Andrew McManus understands music, and works to bring that music to eager fans in the region. He cares about making people happy, knowing that a live performance often translates into a life-changing experience for fans throughout the world. He strives to help music fans receive the best in live entertainment, working with others across the industry to bring Australian and New Zealand audiences the thrills they’ve been waiting for.

Andrew McManus doesn’t settle for second best, nor does he ever want to sacrifice on the quality of services he provides. Promoting live performances is more than just his company’s function. For him, the chance to bring live music to eager audiences is a way of life, a passion that goes without equal.

Andrew McManus: Building a Company

Andrew McManus, a successful Australian entrepreneur, has turned what was once a small and unknown entertainment and music promotions company into an industry leader. As the head of McManus Entertainment, Andrew McManus has relied on an extensive amount of business savvy, experience, skill and the infusion of innovation to construct what is now a leading ticket-seller and promotions company in the Southern Hemisphere.

He knows what is needed to build a successful company, though he also understands how difficult it can often be to cope with the many challenges and obstacles that often face a new business owner or professional. Andrew McManus understands that the world of business is highly competitive and packed with many unique and often overwhelming obstacles, though he also knows that persistence, a little bit of patience and the willingness to be adaptive are key components of any start-up or competitive company. Not only does Andrew McManus know how to survive the onslaught of challenges and potential threats to business success, but he also knows how to turn those challenges into opportunities, as well as how create a business that thrives well into the future.

Andrew McManus is now the owner of both the Raggamuffin Music Festival and McManus Entertainment. He is amongst the elite promotions and entertainment professionals in the business, and continues to be a proactive and influential leader in the local music industry. Andrew McManus has never shied away from a challenge, no matter how great, and has proven to have the tenacity, persistence and talent to overcome anything set in his way.

Andrew McManus: Knowledgeable and Experienced

McManus Entertainment continues to benefit from the wisdom and experience of its leader, founder and owner Andrew McManus. A leading area promotions professional who truly understands the music business, Andrew McManus knows what it needed to transform a live music performance into a smashing and memorable success, ensuring that not only are the fans getting their money’s worth, but that the performers have the best, most fulfilling performance possible.

Andrew McManus has extensive knowledge of and experience with the music industry, and has the expertise necessary to both work with and secure the best musical acts in the world of music. A long-time business professional, industry expert and passionate music fan, Andrew McManus has built an extensive professional network throughout the music industry, and uses not only these connections, but also the strong professional and personal relationships he’s built over the years to bring high-quality music and entertainment talent to the stages of Australia.

Andrew McManus is a strong resource of music information and experience, as well as one of the most dedicated and hardest working promotions professional in the nation. Not only does his company benefit from his skilled leadership and guidance, but McManus Entertainment also relies on the foundation of his extensive knowledge, acumen and insight to bring notable, popular and talented acts to venues throughout Australia.

Andrew McManus has long been trusted, not only by professionals throughout the music industry, but also by Australian Music fans, to bring the best-quality music to stages across the Australian landscape. He cares about both the success of his company and about providing music fans the best the industry has to offer.

McManus Entertainment Leader Andrew McManus

There are many professionals always seeking a way to make it big in the music business, though only few ever really become established and successful. McManus Entertainment founder and owner Andrew McManus has long been known as a successful Music and Entertainment Promoter, finding a way to not only make it big in the scene, but to also push past the competition en route to the top of the music and promotions business.

The owner of both McManus and the popular Raggamuffin Music Festival, Andrew McManus has pushed through the boundaries of music promotion, relying on hard work and innovation to set himself apart from the competition and become one of the premiere promotions and entertainment professionals in the entire country of Australia. Not only does Andrew McManus understand what it takes to bring the biggest names in music to his fellow Australians, but also what is needed to ensure that the artists reap the most benefits from a McManus Entertainment performance. He knows what is necessary to not only sell tickets to a show, but also create a memorable and historic experience for every concert-goer in attendance.

Andrew McManus didn’t become an entertainment industry leader by resting on his laurels, or waiting for opportunity to come his way. Instead, he took, and continues to take, an active and innovative approach to entertainment and music promotion, finding and implementing unique and exciting ways to build excitement for an event, to draw fans in and to ensure that each performance he promotes is a memorable and rousing success.

Andrew McManus: Respected Music Promoter

As the leader of McManus Entertainment, Andrew McManus has earned the respect and admiration of many throughout the music business. Industry professionals and musicians alike have praised Andrew McManus not only for his innovative approach to music and entertainment promotion, but also for his ability to cultivate trust and long-standing relationships with those throughout the business.

As the owner of both McManus Entertainment and the Raggamuffin Music Festival, a reggae festival now in its eighth year, Andrew McManus understands the importance of building trust and mutual respect with music acts and audiences, and that bringing the two together requires not only skill and finesse, but also the ability to show you genuinely care about each one’s needs. An established promotions professional, Andrew McManus works to show both music companies and musicians alike the potential of the Australian music scene, generating an opportunity not only for groups to build loyalty and success in Australia, but also the chance for Australian music fans to enjoy some of the most talented and spirited acts to have ever performed for a live audience.

Andrew McManus cares about getting the best acts on stage, and about achieving the greatest possible success for each performance and each musician he promotes. He is invested in the future of the Australian music scene, and has long striven to be the number one source of great live music acts and entertainment in the nation. With skill, care, finesse and tenacity, Andrew McManus has quickly risen to the top of Australian Music promotions, garnering the respect not only of fellow industry professionals, but also the groups and musicians who have benefitted from his hard work and dedication.