By Katie Crenshaw


Some people think I'm goofy, but if you ask me I think I'm just s'cute. Middle child between Darry and Ponyboy, my best bud is Steve Randle, nothing can separate us . I have a thing for chocolate milk... I'd honestly marry it if I could. Shoes are over rated, I prefer socks only. I'd do anything for my family, they've all I got left. I try to help out in any way possible, if you need me I'll be there. After losing my parents, and two of Darry, Ponyboy's and my best friends, it's been a little bit rough... But I know that we'll get through this together.

Some of my favortie links...!
I like to play this in my free time, If I even have any... Keeps me occupied... Only visit this link if you have a lot of time to kill! it's a really fun game though.
I know, I know... Boring, right? But I happen to like mechanics, I like to stay on top of the facts.
Chocolate Milk!
This is my favorite chocolate milk recipe... Makes me happy (-:
The world softest socks!!
These are my favorite socks ever. Since whenever I get home the first thing I do is take my socks off, these are a blessing on my feet.
Leather Jackets!
Although Ponyboy is a supergeek, I like clothes. A lot. I dropped outta' school, so I don't really have to worry about books all that stuff. Leather jackets are my thing.

Katie Crenshaw's status:

About Sodapop: I made the decision I did by choosing my favorite qualities of Sodapop that I read about. Hes always wearing a flannel, leather jacket, or a jean jacket, he LOVES chocolate milk. "Soda" and his brothers always have each others backs, and if Darry ever gets a little bit too rough up on Pony, Soda is there to settle things down. Soda's the peace maker in the Curtis's household. Soda comes home everyday and does a lot for family. Spends all day at work just to come home and have food, drinks, and other basic necessities. He doesn't do much for himself, always trying to help Darry around the house, keep things sane... Soda is a little reckless, but everyone loves him for who he is. He's in love with a girl he's too good for... He's a kind hearted almost 17 year old who is just put in the wrong situation in the wrong time, and you have to befriend him before you judge him.