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Sunday, Dec. 13 - Finishing Unit 13 and Starting Unit 14

Our last weeks of Latin II

This is Mr. Heffner's last week helping with section 3. After Friday, please send your questions to Mrs. Kunka.

Unit 14 is the final unit of Latin II. This means that many of you will be finished with everything but your final exam by the time we start winter break. Winter Break officially starts on December 21st and ends on January 2nd. We will take the final exam and our course officially ends on January 8th. To view the official NCVPS calendar, click HERE.

There will be one final progress report sent to schools on Tuesday night. It will include all of your work through Unit 13, so let's try to finish strong! If you are behind, you still have time to work! I may not always be online during winter break, but you are welcome to work and I will answers your questions by text and email. Everyone still has the ability to succeed! You can do this! Get started now!

Unit 13 Teaching Story

Did you have trouble with the Unit 13 Teaching Story? The second video didn't have sound, so I've rerecorded it. Take a look at my recording my clicking HERE.

Culture Cafe Archive

Did you miss Mr. Cartwright's Culture Cafe session last Thursday? You're in luck! You can still get bonus credit by watching the archive and sending me your notes (either typed or a picture of your handwritten notes).

Latin: Saturnalia

Presenter: Richard Cartwright

Archive LInka:

Live Class

This week, I will be in the Live Classroom on Monday at 5:30 PM. Other teachers also offer Live Classroom sessions if you can't make it to mine. Please click below to see the schedule for Live Class sessions each week.

Live Class Schedule

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 3 and 4

Jeremy Heffner, NCVPS Teacher in Training - Latin II Section 3