SpeegeeCo- Cooking Spatula


‎Use Our Speegee‬ for multipurpose!!!!

Our flagship product is the Speegee, the Spatula Squeegee. With the Speegee, we’ve improved upon the globally used silicone spatula. A hybrid of a spatula and a scraper, the Speegee can accomplish any function that those two tools can, plus a whole lot more! From mixing, to spreading, to scraping, and even cutting; the Speegee is exactly what your kitchen's been missing!

SpeegeeCo - Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Here at SpeegeeCo it is our mission to save you money, and save you time in the kitchen. We accomplish this by combining commonly used kitchen tools into one versatile, multi-purpose utensil. Instead of emptying your wallet to clutter your drawers with countless overpriced tools, SpeegeeCo has you covered.

SpeegeeCo Kitchen/Cooking

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