Texas red oak and Live oak

Terrik logsdon P.9

Texas red oak

-Texas red oak -Moderate growth rate-Grows best in dry areas-300+ years-Leaves are leathery and green leafs until fall when they turn red-Produces acorns-Reproduces with acorns, primary consumers move the acorns for the tree Not only do animals need trees, we need trees to breathe. Birds create thier homes in red oaks and squirels eat the acorns they produce. Red oaks growing is limited by the dust coming in from that factory thing over there -->. The dust settles on the leafs and phoribits the trees photosythisis.The dust makes it much harder to grow and reproduce. The tree requires little water and could survive through a drought. It requires the plant essentials, sun,water and soil.

Live oak

-Live oak -Rapid growth rate-Can survive salt spray and drought, good for costal plains.- Can easily survive 200 years if taken care of properly-Leaves leathery, oblong to elliptical, or narrow- Female flowers, inconspicuous, males are in long, slender, yellowish clusters in early spring. An acorn more or less football-shaped.  Generally medium to dark brown with a point at the tip.-Squirells,birds, and racoons use these trees but,so do reptiles and Arachnids. If near water reptiles can make their homes under the roots.-Dust form the factory thingy can limit photosythisis and creatures eating the acorns can limit reproduction.-The tree needs the sun,water and,soil to survive. It can survive through a drought which is perfect for Texas.