Massachusetts Bay Colony

By: Livia White

Who founded the colony and why?

John Winthrop the first leader of the Massachusetts Bay Company founded the colony because they were seeking religious freedom becasue they were Puritans. April 1630, the puritans, led by John Winthrop, lefts their homes in Boston,Englnd and gathered at the dock in southampton to set sail for the New World.

Main Industries: What financed the colony?

The Massachusetts Bay Comany payed for the voyae. Becasue they wanted to see what would be made of the new world

Socital Set up

The puritans created a deeply religious,tight knit comunity. The religous leaders had most of the say in the laws and govt ,and was not a democracy

Facts abouut Massachuset

  • major cities boston,quincy,plymouth,salem,lexingthon,and concord
  • name dafter the maassachusets tribe means "large hill place"