Blog #2

Global Warming

What social action have you completed so far? Be specific.

The social action i have completed was making an Instagram account and talking about ways to prevent global warming. It has pictures on effects it has on living things and the earth in general. I am trying to spread awareness through social media. It is easier to spread awareness through the internet. People can easily see and it will make a big effect on minimizing the effects of pollution.

What future social action are you planning (either during the winter break or the first week of January). Again, please be specific.

The future social action i am planning on doing is making flyers and giving them to people to teach them about what global warming can do to the environment. The flyer will include the effects and ways to prevent global warming from continuing. It will include pictures to show the effects of global warming and things to do to minimize the pollution done to the environment.

What other ways can you think of to create change related to your topic?

Other ways I can create change for my topic is spreading awareness on social media and going around and letting people know things about global warming and telling them about ways to prevent it from continuing and the effects it can cause to the environment.

What struggles have you encountered so far? What has been easier/harder then you expected?

The struggles I have encountered is going around and telling people about the effects of global warming. It was also hard getting followers on Instagram for my account. It was easier uploading pictures to Instagram and talking about them. I was telling people about the effects of global warming and how to prevent it from continuing. My pictures talked about the effects it is having on all living things. It was easier for friends to see how the earth was being effected just by looking at the pictures. The main cause of this is cars, trucks and factories.