A NEW found animal


The tunacorn is an amphibion. Whick means it lives on land and in the sea. It mainly lives in the water of Pepsi Land. They live with animals such as cats, dogs, pigs, and horses.


They are omnivores. Tunacorns mainly eat nachos. They also eat pizza. Their favorite thing to eat is steak. With barbeque sause.


Tunacorns are tuna fish with a corn on the cop on top of it's head. It's usally blue or purple. Their is a rare kind that is green! They have gills that needs Pepsi to breath. If they don't have Pepsi they die.


Tunacorns have mimicry. They can poke their horn in to become a tuna fish and canhide in the corn and become a corn.

Interesting Fact

Tunacorns can be caught and be ate.