Lunar New Year

Festival Project

What Is This Festival About?

The Lunar New Year festival (known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival) is taking place every year between January 21 & February 20. This Holiday is celebrated in countries that are filled with a big chinese community

2016 is the MONKEY year.

Information About The Festival

*The festival is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand,Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, and the Philippines.

*This festival is public and there is no specific hours or time that is celebrated, it is celebrated between January 21 & February 20, and everyone is celebrating between this time, it is public and free to all.

*There aren't tickets, this event is free for everybody.

*You can find more information about this holiday, There are sites that might be very helpful, like Google or Wikipedia, if your still having trouble read this:

1. Wikipedia -

2. Google -

3. מסע אחר -

Frequently Asked Questions

*This holiday is celebrated at the turn of the lunisolar Chinese Calendar. each year is "named" by a different type of creature (This year is the MONKEY year) . It is called Chinese new year because that it is celebrated everywhere from January 21 & February 20, whice happens to be the new year (Starting from the first month of the year till the second one).

*This holiday is celebrated by lion dances, dragon dances and also fireworks. it is also celebrated by social actions like family gathering and family meals. During the holiday they visit firends and relatives, giving them red envelopes.

Chinese new year 2015 - Flying Dragon