Friday, January 29th, 2021

Caring Connections ~ Conversations with Erica

Cat-like or Dog-like?

As we simmer in the sometimes-germy soup of winter, I wonder if it might be helpful to have a conversation with your loved ones about the ways others like/need/want to be tended when they are not feeling well. Our tendency is to take care of others in the ways we want to be cared for, but this doesn’t always match up, even when we have the most heartfelt intentions. In our family we identify ourselves as cat-like or dog-like when we are sick.

I am cat-like. When I feel something is off in my body, I need to be left alone. I seek a cozy dark space to hunker into so I can rest and find quiet and allow my body to heal. The fawning of others makes me feel pressured and a bit claustrophobic. I deeply appreciate people bringing me food (especially chocolate), but I prefer they place it on a tray outside the door, allowing me to access it when I’m ready.

My husband, on the other hand, is dog-like. He wants/craves loads of attention. He’s like my childhood golden retriever, Roscoe, who would come put his little red head on my lap whenever he needed attention. Roscoe wanted me to see him, to pet him, to care for him in a very active way. He needed extra treats and special care. The more I tried to ignore his pleas for comfort and care, the more he would pester me and ask for more.

The challenge with these differing styles is that we usually treat others in the ways we want to be treated. Since I am more cat-like when I am sick, I tend to leave others alone when they are feeling ill. I will offer empathy and close the door on their dark room so they can rest. I prepare meals and leave them by the door. This works great for one of my daughters, who is also cat-like, but this cat tending makes my other daughter and my husband feel ignored and neglected.

Years ago, during a family meeting, we took time to really talk about our needs when we are feeling sick. We named our cat/dog preference and then we each made a list of all the ways we wanted others to care for us when we are sick. We placed this list on our refrigerator and we still pull it out every time one of us is feeling ill. This process of self-awareness and family awareness has helped us love one another better and it has given each of us the permission we need to care for ourselves in the best way possible when we need to heal and rest.

Maybe this conversation will be helpful for your family too. Are you cat-like or a dog-like or maybe a dat or a cog? It’s fine to be a little of both as long as you can name what you need. What about your kiddo(s)? Even if your family is not ready for this type of conversation, maybe, next time someone in the family is under the weather, you can observe a little more closely by asking yourself, “Am I giving them what I need or am I offering them what they need?”

In the meantime, may each of you feel vibrant and healthy this winter.

And Away We Go ~ 2nd Semester Classes Begin Monday!

  • Teachers will send out new class Zoom links and information via email.

  • BFPP will hold classes on Tuesday, February 2nd even though it is a teacher workday for the rest of the district.

  • We appreciate your patience and grace through our registration bumps on Tuesday. We understand how frustrating it can be when things don't go according to plan.

You'll notice a few changes to the class schedule:

  • We cancelled a few classes that did not have enough students enrolled: Choir (4-8) and Stories that Awaken Justice (3-5)
  • We added a new section of Engineering Showcase (K-3) on Monday at 1:00
  • We split Global Perspectives into two sections: 4-5th graders Friday at 2:00, 6-8th graders Friday at 11:00

Materials Pick Up & Returns

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Please return first semester class materials, in a bag labelled with the class title and your student's name.

Remember: If you or someone in your household has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, please do not come onsite for supply pick up/materials distribution or any other reason until your quarantine period is over. Thank you!

Promise Tomorrow Initiative

Is your 3rd -8th grader looking for extra academic experience? The Promise Tomorrow Initiative just might meet that need. This is project–based learning at its best. Students will work in teams on projects that envision creative solutions to transition to a better world.

Their projects will take multi-disciplinary approaches to innovate technologies, designs, or plans that forge connections in their communities to create positive change. Student collaborative groups will work across grades, meet weekly, and be supported by a volunteer and supervised by the coordinator.

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Sign up deadlines: Quarter 3-Feb. 4th Quarter 4-March 22

2nd Showing: A Kids Play About Racism

Watch A Kids Play About Racism! on Friday, Feb 12th. Bring the whole family to watch and stay for a facilitated discussion! Save the date and the Zoom link.

For more info on the play, download the Active Audience Guide.

The Doodler School Newspaper

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Pokémon Club -Wednesdays at 1pm

Join the fun! We have virtual Pokémon card games in breakout rooms (and lovely club members who will teach anyone who hasn’t played before). At the end of each club meeting, we do a Pokémon drawing tutorial. We hope you will join us! Contact BFPP parent and club organizer Kolleen for the Zoom link.

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

BFRBs: Learn what they are and what to do about them in this resource-filled article by BFPP parent Crystal Holtzheimer. Please click below to download.

Virtual Science Field Trips from Twig

Twig Education is excited to present a series of free student-centered field trip webinars and family nights in February to entertain, inform, and inspire. Each session will be based on content from the free topical science resource Twig Science Reporter, with quizzes and prizes for the top players.

Webinar Topics include:

Robot Spiders on the Moon… and More

How Do You Track Polar Bears… and More

Recycling Plastic from Tires… and More

The Rats Detecting Landmines… and More

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Understanding Conflict Workshops for Kids and Teens

Join the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center for their FREE virtual conflict resolution workshop series. They are offering one for younger children (7-12) and one for teens (13-18). For either series, attendees can register for one session, two, or all three.

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Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families Program is a FREE family program offered by United General District 304 for caregivers and youth ages 10-14. This program builds on family strengths, teaches teens how to resist peer pressure, and strengthens family communication. Sign-up and find ways to connect. The first session starts Monday 2/1, so don't delay, check it out today!

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