Hydroelectric Energy is a BAD IDEA!

By:Sunday Manisto-Saari and Hannah Schlomer

Hydroelectric Energy, meaning and defects

Hydroelectric energy is the power of water currents used to generate electric power. Generally, it is power that is created by mechanical energy of moving water that is transferred by a rotating turbine to a generator, where it is converted to electric energy and conveyed along transmission lines. But the problem with this is that there is a high potential for very extreme damage to the local ecosystem. Finally hydroelectric energy has one of the highest rates of death per KW (this was due to the accidents of the dams breaking, taking many lives).
Also dams cost huge amounts of money and if they breal it would cost twice as much to clean up, and their are many things suffering from hydroelectric dams like rivers, people, fish, and plants so lets get rid of hysroelectric energy!

People want homes NOT DAMS!

Social aspects associated with development of hydroelectricity are mainly associated with transformation of land use in the project area, and displacement of people living in the reservoir area. This is because of the dams that the people put in for hydroelectric power.
Relocating people from the current area is the most challenging social aspect of hydropower, leading to significant concerns regarding local culture, religious beliefs, and effects associated with inundating burial sites. While there can never be a 100 percent satisfactory solution to involuntary resettlement, enormous progress has been made in the way the problem is handled. The countries in Asia and Latin America where resettlement is a major issue have developed comprehensive strategies for compensation and support for people who are impacted. The keys to success are clearly: timely and continuous communications between developers and those affected, support and long term contact; and efforts to ensure that the disruption of relocation is balanced by some direct benefits from the project. So people putting in dams can lead to putting people out of housing.