FREE Cardiac Screening Event

Conejo Council PTA's Saving Hearts Cardiac Screening Event

FREE Saving Hearts Cardiac Screening event

The Conejo Council PTA invites all students and athletes ages 12-24 to participate in a FREE Saving Hearts Cardiac Screening event on Saturday, February 9th.

Pre-registration is required, and may be completed online at:

These screenings consist of a 3 step process:

-Preliminary health history questionnaire

-12-lead EKG

-An echocardiogram if the cardiologists deems it necessary upon reviewing the patient’s health history and EKG.

EKGs are administered by Saving Hearts Foundation members and the results are reviewed by cardiologists. The process generally only takes thirty minutes. Male and female screening rooms will be separate, allowing for confidentiality and individual privacy to be respected during the screening process. Patients will be notified immediately of any concerns.

Saving Hearts Cardiac Screening

Saturday, Feb. 9th, 9am-3pm

100 Lakeview Canyon Road

Thousand Oaks, CA

This event will be held in the Westlake High School Gymnasium.

*Please pre-register for this event online, here.

This event is sponsored by the Conejo Council of PTA