Francisco Pizzaro

The Explorer from Spain

Francisco Pizzaro

Pizzaro grew up as an illegitimate child who lived in poverty and grew up having to be humble, honest and work for everything he ever got. Pizzaro was a very well known man has far as the new world came because he founded one of the many countries that still stand to this day.

The Time of Exploration

Pizzaro's Characteristics

Pizzaro was known has a more humble man because of the childhood he had. His childhood of living in poverty made him have to earn everything he ever had which made him even more humble.

What he's done

Francisco Pizzaro did few things in his life time, but some very significant things. For starters he grew up on in a village suffering from poverty and worked on his father's farm. After he had grown up he joined the sailing crew of a man named Vasco Nunez de Balboa and with this man they went to find the "South Sea", but then actually ended up finding the great pacific ocean. Later on he and his brothers, who were also on the crew, split off by themselves and then founded the country of Peru, and named the capital city Lima. After founding the country of Peru Francisco Pizzaro was assassinated by member of the enemy faction of conquistadors.