Research Debate

Databases VS. Sweet Search

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Which Resource Actually Saves You More Time and is More Accurate?


1. Pair up with another person in the class.

2. Determine whether you are going to use EBSCO or Sweet Search.

3. Watch the short presentation.

4. When I let you know, go to the computer and begin looking for the two articles about your topic.

5. The resources listed below will help with your search.

6. Each team will need to locate the resource, print a copy, and get a citation.

7.First team to get the two articles turned into Mrs. Taber wins!

Ebsco Databases

Ebscohost Web

  1. Go to the Ebsco database. (Use Mackinvia from home or the library website)
  2. Click "Ebscohost web"
  3. Select "MAS Ultra-School Edition and Middle Search Plus and Academic Search Complete"
  4. Type in the title and select
  5. Select Linked Full Text Articles
  6. Click "search"
  7. Once you have found a usable source print the PDF article
  8. Select "Print" on the right hand side of the screen to print your MLA citation

Sweet Search

If you still can't find a database source, try Google Scholar

  1. Go to Sweet Search
  2. Type in the title of your subject in quotation marks
  3. You may need to use a conjunction like and
  4. Click enter on your keyboard
  5. Locate your article and print
  6. Check for Citations
  7. Use Easybib to create citations and print

Checklist for Evaluating Information from the World Wide Web

You should always evaluate information found on the Internet. START is an acronym that will help you remember the five categories of criteria for evaluating information sources found online.

The letters in the acronym stand for:

  • Scope
  • Treatment
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Timeliness

Click on the link below to see the full source evaluation checklist and description.

MLA Formatting

    Use the sources below to help in formatting your paper or project in the proper MLA format.

    Easybib Quick Guide to MLA

    Easybib Quick Guide to Intext Citations

    Printable Version of the MLA In-Text Citation Guide (Extensive)

    Purdue Owl

    CSU Oviatt Library MLA Quick Guide

    View the videos below for additional help regarding MLA formatting.

    A brief introduction to EasyBib

    Need Assistance

    If you are having trouble or have a question about a resources availability or use please e-mail me with a question.


    Mrs. Taber
    Your CMS Source Librarian