Library Live!

1st Issue -What's Happening at Bayshore's Media Center?

"Books in Schools"

Try supplementing your digital resources with books! We have many fiction and non fiction titles in our library on varied reading levels. We are also connected to the Middletown Public Library (MTPL) which has thousands of books and access to videos, music and audio books online through HOOPLA. With 48 hours notice I can obtain book, videos, audio books & music from MTPL on any subject with unlimited renewal time. Their card catalog is available at - Hoopla is available on demand!

Beyond Google Search

Now more than ever you may want your students to expand their research skills beyond the Google search bar. Bring your class in to explore other digital resources that can focus on specific content or sign up for a lesson on website evaluation and citing sources.
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Lunch & Learn

Learn new tech tools during your lunch!

Two Friday's each month have lunch in the Media Center. (Small dessert or treat will be provided!)

Let's share new tools we are using in the classroom. Wendy, Mike Gannon and myself will be happy to informally share some ideas that have worked for us and create an open forum for other teachers and paraprofessionals to jump in and share.

First week (1/8) using Edpuzzle- the ability to embed questions as students are viewing videos and its completely connected with Google Classroom! FlipGrid -video clips of students answering questions or telling a story. PD hours will be available- Look for registration on My Learning Plan.


A small space upstairs in the yellow section interior room is slowly transforming to a Makerspace. Our after-school Stem & Stories Club uses the space to discuss what we are reading and have started growing seeds with the intent of creating a hydroponic garden.

I am looking for supplies/grants to continue to build this new creative "hands-on" building space to be used by everyone! I am looking for anything from arts and crafts supplies, to Lego's and tools (hammers, screwdrivers, drills etc.) If you know of a business willing to support this initiative or have extra junk at home please let me know. We have learned to recycle/repurpose many things!

New/Old Faces in the Media Center

A few of our retired teachers (Irene Kelly & Nanci Illingworth) will make guest appearances on their free time to give me a bit of assistance in the Media Center with a re-shelving project. Stop by and say "hello"!


The library is available for use 7:30am every morning. Students must obtain a pass from Ms. Todd at the entrance.