Greek Golden Age

What was the Greek's Golden Age?

The Golden Age of Greece was after the Greeks war with Persia which they won by luck! Then with the help of Athen's powerful navy. The Greek's realized that they needed to become one nation instead of separate city states who only shared a language. Athen's was the head of it all. So they decieded to setup the Delian language which all city states in the alliance paid money to them in which they would create an army & navy in case the Persian's tried to attack them again.

The Three Area's That Greece Excelled

One of the main area's was city states. I say this because they were independent cities with their own laws & governments. With these governments they had their own little ways of making people do what they demanded the citizens to do. These city states developed due to mountainous topography(isolation). Another area is where all actions & everything happened. They had columns & pillars. They had a Parthenon which was a famous architectural accomplishments. The last one is the excellent harbors used for trade & transportation. Which included the Mediterranean Sea, Adgean sea, Ionian Sea.