Affirmative action


  • Students and workers who start at a disadvantage get a boost to succeed
  • Affirmative action creates diversity
  • Special preference is given to minorities to make up for years of discrimination
  • Affirmative action is needed to break stereotypes


  • It may be demeaning to say that they need affirmative action to succeed.
  • a society cannotbe truly color-blind until they stop making bad decisions based on race.
  • Affirmative action may create reverse discrimination.
  • Because affirmative action, a minority may beat out someone more capable for a job or school simply because of race and color

Title Nine

Pros and cons


  • More female involvement
  • Before they would never experience athletics.
  • Creates opportunity to expand women athletics.

  • Using males as practice players and counting them as females.
  • Same athlete could be counted up to three times.
  • Schools fight to have most female athletes