5th Grade Newsletter

For the Week of January 19 through January 23

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, January 19, 2015 - No School, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - Study Island Pathways Due by 4:00 PM- Root Words and Affixes In ELA and Real World Problems in Math
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - Study Island Pathway, Due by 4:00 P.m. - Organ Systems
Thursday, January 22, 2015 - Fun Thursday based on NWEA
Tuesday January 20, 2015 - Thursday, January 23, 2015 - Class Connects as Normal and Make-Up NWEA and DIBELs sessions. Please check your class connects daily!

Pacing Guide

Reminder: This area is a pacing guide only. It is based upon 5th grade curriculum for students that were with the school from the first day of school this year. This pacing guide is to be used to check on progress only. It is only intended as a guide and not a requirement. The information for this guide is for Friday, January 23, 2015.

  1. Math Plus Yellow: Unit 8, Lesson 3: Optional: Your Choice
  2. Language Arts Yellow Vocabulary: Unit 9, Lesson 4: Introduce Word Set 9 (B)
  3. Language Skills 5 Composition: Unit 6, Lesson 4: Delivering the Speech
  4. Language Skills 5 GUM: Unit 7, Lesson 5: Using Verb Tenses and Diagramming Sentences
  5. Literature 5: Unit 14, Lesson 1: "Your Fingerprints"
  6. Spelling 5: Unit 19, Lesson 3: Lesson 3
  7. Science 5: Unit 5, Lesson 1: Atoms and Elements
  8. American History A: Unit 8, Lesson 5: Adams takes the Helm

Upcoming Assignments

Due January 20, 2015 - Study Island Pathways: Root Words and Affixes in ELA, Real World Problems in Math
Due January 23, 2015 - Critical Skills Assignment #2, Parts 1 and 2
Due January 28, 2015 - Study Island Pathways: Theme in ELA, Numerical Expressions in Math
Due February 2, 2015 - Study Island Pathways: Plot in ELA, Coordinate Systems in Math

Upcoming Outings

Upcoming Outings

To sign up or check for outings go to:


Next Outing hosted by 5th Grade Teachers: 5th Grade Outing to Michigan Museum and Capitol in Lansing, MI- March 20, 2015 from 12:30 to 3:30

Class Connect Sessions for the week of 01/19/15 to 01/23/15

•Monday: No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School, No Class Connects

•Tuesday - All Students

–9:00 a.m. Reading - Power Standards

–11:00 a.m. Math – Power Standards

–1:30 p.m. Writing – Word Choice


- (Times vary) Reading and Math Power Standards - Based on need
- (Times vary) Reading and Math NWEA RIT Bands - Based on need
- 1:30 p.m. Science


- (Times vary) Reading and Math Power Standards - Based on need
- (Times vary) Reading and Math NWEA RIT Bands - Based on need

–1:30 p.m. Fun Thursday - Invited if you completed your NWEA testing in your originally scheduled time.

•Friday: None

* Check class connects everyday if you have not completed your NWEA testing or if you may need DIBELs testing.

Letter From the 5th Grade Teachers

Dear 5th Grade Families,

I apologize for the delay in the newsletters for this month! (Mrs. Dugan) We hope you had a wonderful Winter Break!

Thank you for all of your hard work these past two weeks on DIBELs, NWEA, Science Interim Assessment, and Critical Skills assignments the past two weeks! All of your hard work is paying off!

Remember that Monday there is no school due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! All class connects are canceled for the day. There will be no homeroom again this week. If you are behind in OLS, Study Island, Critical Skills Assignments, or Science Interim Assessment, please use this day to catch up and turn in any missing work!

Our next Critical Skills Assignment it due January 23, 2015. Please contact your homeroom teachers if you have any questions about this!

If you have not completed your NWEA Map Assessments, then please check your class connects for a scheduled session time. This assessment is required for all MVCA families!

Fun Thursday this week will be for all students that have completed their NWEA sessions at their scheduled times.

The week of January 26, there is no school on Monday and Tuesday, and will be a short week. The fifth grade teachers are going to use that short week to hold a Study Island Blitz! Regularly scheduled class connects will not be held. However, we will be holding Study Island Class Connects on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We are going to use this time to help students catch up on pathways and earn blue ribbons. Our lessons for the week will be based upon the Study Island Pathways that the students are showing the most need. Please watch your class connects that week for any changes! Also we will be holding a special Fun Friday that week based upon the students that complete and master pathways that week! Watch your k-mail for updates.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues, please contact your homeroom teacher!

Mrs. Robertson, Ms. Rippetoe, Mrs. Glassner, Mrs. Fenstermacher, and Mrs. Dugan

MVCA 5th Grade Teachers

Teacher Phone Extensions:
Mrs. Dugan 3063
Mrs. Fenstermacher 3005
Mrs. Glassner 3006
Ms. Rippetoe 3015
Mrs. Robertson 3065