Where will you go in the USA?

The three city in the USA

We first city is Miami.

We will go to the Miami Because there are beautiful beaches .

We would want to tanning on the beach.

this is makes my heart flutter!!!!!!

클라라 마이애미에 가다! Clara in MIAMI ~*

We second city is LA.

We will go to the LA Because see the Hollywood.

There is a very famous place.

TV dramas and movies I want to go every time i just thought. switch on !!!!!!!!!!!!

할리우드 스타의 거리-VisitorBank
LA 디즈니랜드 퍼레이드~

We third city is New York

New York is a very active and wonderful city.

We'll go to Times Square in New York City.

We are electric sign advertising appearing take pictures with Bibimbap.

[직캠] 무한도전 뉴욕 타임스퀘어 비빔밥 광고!!